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Percentage of recommended kcal
What must happen to measure BMR
What is BMI

Fat 30% carbs 60% proteins 10%
BMR person must have slept 8 to 12 hours and be fasting during time of testing inefficient all people different
BMRI weight kg/ height m^2


What is absorbed in duodenum vs ileum?

Duodenum folate, iron, Fats, sugars
Ileum Bile acids, B12


Steatorreah is a disease of what

Excess fat in stool, due to malabsorption or maldigestion of fat, celiac, IBS abetailpopteiniemia or decreased lipase activity, dismissed pancreatic function, also causes fat soluble vit. Have issues with absorption A,D,K, E


Issues associated w/ B1 Thiamine Deficiency

Coenzyme for enzymes for pyruvate dehydrogenase, alpha keotgluterate dehydrogenase, transketolase for PPP pathway
Wernikies ataxia , Korskofs psychosis
Wet beriberi (muscle wasting disease) cardiac failure peripheral edema
Dry Beribeir muscle wasting, partial paralysis
Due to alcoholism


Riboflavin deficiencies (B 2)

Mouth disorders
Coenzyme for FAD,FMN
Corneal vascularization, magenta colored tongue, chilosis, sermatoitdis


B3 Niacin deficiencies

Coenzyme for NAD/NADP
Also can be due to Hartnups (inability to bring in non polar/neutral AA’s) b/c deficiency in tryptophan causes Niacin deficiency
Pellagra is what severe Niacin deficiency is diarrhea, dermatitis, death, dementia (4 D’s)


Panthothenoic Acid B5 deficiency

Synthesis of Co enzyme A, used in TCA cycle, FA synthesis
Required for acetylation and acylation
Dermatitis, alopecia, muscle cramps, adrenal insufficiency


Vitamins B 6 Pyridoxine deficiency

Sideroblastic Anemia due to issues with the enzymes required for heme, cannot be incorporated properly
Aminotransferase enzymes


Biotin (b7) deficiencies

Cofactors for caboxylation enzymes need for off chain FA systhesis,
Causes alopecia, rashes, bowl inflammation, muscle weakness
Caused by eating too many raw eggs


B9 Folic acid

Tetrahydrofolate: Required for transferring methyl group enzymes
Caused by deficiency in folate pool in pregnancy causes spina bifida
Clinical maifistatin homocysticanemia CV, DVT, Edema


B12 Cobalamin deficiencies

Used for Homocystine methyltransferase; methylmalony Co A mutase
Pernicous anemia most common cause of deficiency , removal of ileum,
Clinical manifestation megablastic anemia, homsystic anemia


Vitamin C (Asorbic Acid) deficiencies

Cofactor for collagen synthesis, dopamine to NE , encases Iron absorption in GI tract
Due to lack of fruits and green vegetables
Clinical scurvy


What is important about Vit D?

Vit D = calcitriol (1, 25 dihydroxy Vit D) most active form; aids in absorption of Ca2+ and PO4-
Deficiencies lead to rickets in children bowing of legs, beading of ribs
Adults more mild