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What are 5 benefits to the infant from breastfeeding?

1. Nutritional
- except needs Vit D supplementation
2. Anti-infective
3. Reduction in allergy risk (allergic rhinitis)
4. Cognitive outcomes
- about 3 IQ points
5. Decreased chronic disease risk (about 25% less risk of being overweight/having T2D)


What are 4 benefits to the mother from breastfeeding?

1. Birth spacing - about 50% reduction in births in LMIC
2. Breast cancer (about 4% risk for every 12 mo of breastfeeding)
3. Ovarian cancer (about 30% risk with longer BF)
4. T2D (about 30% reduction in risk)


What are some contraindications to breastfeeding?

- galactosemia
- HIV (in developed countries)
- maternal substance abuse
- active TB, HSV lesions on breast, smoking, alcohol
- some medications


What are the 5 infantile oral motor reflexes? When do they disappear?

1. Rooting, 3-4 months
2. Suck/swallow, 6 months
3. Biting, 6 months
4. Gag, sensitivity shifts back by adulthood
5. Extrusion, 3-4 months


why is the extrusion reflex important?

because the peristalsis movement of the tongue on the breast is what helps bring the milk out


What is the homeostatic feeding phase?

The first 2 months of life where the infant relies on the caregiver to physically support child, recognize cues, and respond to feedings.

Parents learns when to anticipate when the child is hungry


What is the attachment phase?

around the 3-6 month mark. Babies start to associate feeding with a social activity. Important that babies can participate in some way and start to associate feeding with the social aspect


What changes occur to feeding habits around 6-9 months?

Physical: munching, spoon feeding (loss of extrusion reflex), self feeding, cup drinking

Autonomy: improving communication and control

Exploration: new tastes, textures


What skills should a 12 month old have in terms of feeding?

Spoon feeding, self feeding, and cup drinking


When are hard and crunchy foods like apples and crackers appropriate?

about 18-24 months


What is the separation phase of feeding?

occurs around 6-12 months where the child is allowed to explore safely but autonomously. Child learns boundaries and structures around eating.