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What is a brief overview of OHS law?

Regulations are laws authorized under the authority of a statute or act. Regulations provide a specific detailed set of rules and standards


Explain the 4 common features of OHS law?

Employers pay into a fund to finance the system
Employers can not be sued in civil courts by employees
Employees are guaranteed compensation
Regulators have a mechanism to recover costs and even punish employers that are negligent


How is the Canadian OH & Safety laws governed and structured?

Federal, provincial and territorial. Workers in each province & territory are regulated by the provincial or territorial acts. Work that falls under federal jurisdiction is regulated by federal law


Describe the jurisdiction of Worksafebc to enforce the WCB Act?

Most workplaces in bc but does not apply to federally regulated workplaces.


Summarize the key sections of the WCB ACT?

Part 1. Compensation to Workers and Dependents
Part 2. Liability of Employers in industries not with in scope
Part 3. Occupational health and safety
Part 4. Appeals


List the general duties of persons in the workplace?

Employers are responsible for ensuring health and safety of all workers working for that employer.
Supervisors have the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the people they supervise, including making sure they are aware of the hazards.
Workers are responsible to work in accordance with established safe work procedures, wear PPE and report unsafe conditions.


Explain the overall objectives of Worksafebc OHSR

The objective of the OHSR is to reduce injuries, reduce costs to employers, and to ensure safer, healthier work environments


How is the OHSRegulation organized?

The first 1-4 parts are core requirements.
Parts 5-19 are general hazard requirements
20-32 deal with industry and activity based requirements


What is the definition of the TWA limit?

It is the Time Weighted Average a worker is allowed to be exposed to in a 8 hr shift.


Explain the roles and functions of WorksafeBC

Provide compensation to injured workers or their surviving dependents
Rehabilitating injured workers
Create safe work places through enforcement of the OHSR, education, and consultation to employers and workers.


Describe the governing structure of Worksafebc

-Exercise judicial and legislative functions
-develop regulations and perform their functions
-set assessment rates
-consultation and education
-workplace inspections
- investigations
-manage money collected and invested
-provide compensation and rehabilitation
-employ a diversified workforce


What code of ethics is The fair practices office committed to?

International Ombudsmen Association Code of ethics


What are the services of The Workers Advisors Office?

-Help workers understand the WCAct and Worksafebc policies and procedures
- provide workers with information about their claims
-help workers with a request for review or appeal at the WCappeal tribunal regarding a worksafe decision
- in some cases represent workers during a review or appeal


What are the services of The Employers Advisor office?

-respond to phone or written enquiries about workers comp legislation, decisions, appeals and related matters
-prepare submissions to worksafe,wcat and assist employers in cases involving legal, medical or policy matters
-assist employers in dealing with the review division of worksafebc
-conduct training seminars and public speaking
-meet with officials to review and make recommendations to the policy department, executive or board of directors


What is the role and function of WorksafeBC Prevention?

Field prevention activities combine 3 functions: Enforcement, consultation and education


List the powers and functions of a WorksafeBC officer

Worksafe bc officers have more power and authority to enforce health and safety laws that police officers have to enforce criminal law.
All officers: investigate accidents
-workplace inspections
-enforce regulatory requirements
-provide information, education or consultation


What are the enforcement activities taken by the Worksafe officers?

-Writing compliance orders
-Warning letters
-Penalty Assessments(fines)
-Ordering worksite closures
- Issuing orders to workers
-Recommending prosecution to Crown
-Gathering evidence for prosecutions of criminal negligence


Describe how worksafebc is funded

The primary source of income is premium payments from employers and investment income


Who must register with Worksafe and who can apply for individual coverage?

Every employer that hires a worker in an industry or business that is covered by the Workers Compensation Act. Volunteers and self employed people can apply.


Explain the worksafe process of (ER) experience rating?

ER is based on individual safety performance of their business. A discount or a surcharge is based on a claims cost experience of the company