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What user based security group has permission to initiate, close, and finalize open enrollment?

Benefit Administrator


True or False: Open enrollment will be initiated once, but closed and finalized multiple times



What must be done if the eligibility is incorrect for the population after initiating open enrollment?

Cancel Open Enrollment (or Rescind)


True or False: The best practice is to have an approval step in the change benefits for open enrollment business processes



Why would a company administer an open enrollment?

Companies sometimes do this once a year to include new benefit rates, addition of new plans, and elimination of old plans.


What are the three basic steps to an open enrollment event in Workday

1. Initiating the event
2. Closing
3. Finalizing


What should you also consider with open enrollment?

Eligibility changes need to be managed a coordinated with open enrollment. These changes may be due to new hires or employees who are newly eligible because of a job change, or due to a loss of eligibility through termination.


The task to enter elections will be delivered based on the configuration of what BP?

Change Benefits for Open Enrollment BP


Who can enter and submit changes?

Benefit Partner, Benefits Administrator or Employee


What tasks can the Benefit partner do with open enrollment?

1. Can enter or correct Benefit Elections
2. Views Open Enrollment Status Report


What task can the Benefit Administrator do with open enrollment?

1. Initiate the open enrollment
2. View the open enrollment status report
3. Send enrollment notification emails (Send reminder emails task)
3. Can extend the open enrollment window
4. Closed open enrollment to the employees (Close open enrollment task)
5. After closing Open Enrollment, can make election changes or corrections
6. Finalizes and activates employee elections (finalize open enrollment task)
7. Cancels Open Enrollment if necessary


Setting up Open Enrollment - Describe how this would be done.

The same requirements for setting up and processing a benefit event apply to setting up and processing an open enrollment event. These include:
1. Benefit Event Type (for open enrollment)
2. Enrollment Event Rules
3. Benefit group
4. Benefit plans
5. Dependencies
6. Benefit Plan Year definition
7 Period schedules


Describe the Benefit Event Type for Open Enrollment

Create an open enrollment event you will use when running open enrollment for a specific benefit group. You may have more than one open enrollment event defined for different benefit groups.
Note: All coverage types in the Plan Year definition should be included in Open Enrollment so their elections roll over from one plan year to the next.


Describe the Enrollment Event Rules for Open Enrollment

Defines all the rules of the open enrollment event, including coverage begin date, what changes are allowed for each coverage type, and what defaults occur if no changes are made.

Although coverage begin date should always be configured to use event date for Open Enrollment, the deduction begin date could be configured differently.


Describe the Benefit Group for Open Enrollment

Based on eligibility rules, Defines the group of employees for participation in the open enrollment processing. Each benefit group can be processed separately and can use different Open Enrollment event types. You can select multiple benefit groups if they use the same event type and end date.


Describe the Benefit Plans for Open Enrollment

All existing benefit plans may need to be edited with changes, including benefit rates.


Describe the Dependencies for Open Enrollment

For all new plans, review cross plan dependencies and confirm that changes are made as needed.


Describe the Benefit Plan Year Definition for Open Enrollment

A new benefit plan year definition needs to be created based on when your current plan year definition ends. all benefit plans that will be offered in the new plan year must be included, regardless of benefit group. Without a benefit plan year definition, open enrollment cannot be initiated.


Describe the Period Schedule for Open Enrollment

The payroll period schedules must be loaded for the new year/plan year for FSA and HSA to determine the number of pay periods for each employee.


The open enrollment event type does not require the same fields that a benefit event includes. What are the differences?

1. The event is initiated by running a process so there is no link to HR events.
2. The Days to Enroll section is not included since the number of days the Open Enrollment is available is entered when the process is initiated, although Days to Enroll can be used when coordinating other events.
3. Checkboxes, such as worker selectable and route to benefit partner, are not included. Routing on the Change Benefit for Open Enrollment step in the BP controls who will complete the elections.


How do you initiate open enrollment?

To initiate the open enrollment process, select the benefit group you will be processing, the open enrollment event type created for that benefit group, enter the open until date, which is the end of the open enrollment election period, and event date which is the date the new elections will take place.
The plan year definition will automatically populated based on the event date entered.


If you allow employees to enter their own open enrollment changes what will occur?

They will get an inbox item. The task will remain there until they either submit elections or the open enrollment is closed.


What occurs if the employee starts the process of elections but is not ready to submit?

They can select the 'save for later' instead of submit and the open task will remain in their inbox. Once submitted the task is removed from the inbox and the benefits worklet will have a 'Change Open Enrollment task' available. The task will remain in the benefit worklet until the open enrollment event is closed for elections.


What occurs in the case of open enrollment if there is no workday account for a new hire?

The task will be sent to the benefits Partner. The benefit partner can request the task be reassigned back to the employee.


Explain the role of the Open Enrollment Status Report

It can be used to enter elections. By clicking on the status numbers, such as the total, you can drill down and view all the employees with open enrollment events.

If the employee has not started the process of changing their elections or they have started but not submitted them, the Benefits Partner will see the Open task. If the elections are submitted there will also be a 'Change Open Enrollment' task available.


Does the Open Enrollment Status Report show the total number of employees with Open Enrollment, the number of started, in progress, submitted, on hold, and cancelled events?



Can the benefit partner access all task they can view on the Open Enrollment Status report?

No, they can view all but only the Benefits Administrator can access certain tasks, such as closing and finalizing open enrollment and sending reminder emails.


How could the benefit administrator easily send emails using the Open Enrollment status report?

The Open Enrollment details view gives the Benefit Administrator easy access to the Send Reminder emails task, as well as the close open enrollment task.


Can you send email reminders for more than one event status?

Yes, you can send an email reminder or notification to all those people where the events are not started or in progress. Employees who lost eligibility could receive an email letting them know their event was cancelled or rescinded.


Describe the process for adding and removing employees from open enrollment

If an employee becomes eligible for an open enrollment event after it has started, and possibly after it has closed, the system automatically creates an open enrollment event for the employee once the hire or job change event that created the eligibility rule is closed. You can force the event to be created sooner by using the 'Eligible Workers with no Open Enrollment' report.


How would you create an open enrollment event using the 'Eligible Workers with no Open Enrollment' report?

After reviewing the list on the report, click on Add Workers task to create an event for the selected workers. Once the workers are selected, a task will display that allows you to enter a Submit Elections By date. It will default to the date you initiated the Open Enrolment event. You can edit the date so you can close the event separately from the mass 'Close Open Enrollment' process.


Describe the purpose of the 'Workers no longer eligible for Open Enrollment' report.

It can identify employees that have lost eligibility so the events can be cancelled. This is only required if you are not using benefit event automation and coordination of events.


What will happen if the Terminate Employees BP is tied correctly to the benefit event?

Any terminations with an event date prior to the open enrollment event date will automatically be closed, finalized and benefit terminated. The open enrollment event will then be reprocessed and canceled since the employee is no longer eligible for election.


'Workers no longer eligible for Open Enrollment' report should not be required in production if you configured an HR business process to include the Change Benefit Election process. True or false?



Can an employee make changes after open enrollment events are closed?



When would the benefit administrator commonly make edits to employee's enrollments?

After Closing open enrollments and before finalizing the process.


What will happen to employee enrollment changes that were not submitted once enrollment is closed?

Employee enrollments that were not submitted will be ignored and the employee's current elections will be waived or continued based on the enrollment event rule and default rule configuration.


What would you do with employees, who due to their hire date or a gain in eligibility, were added later in the process?

The Close Employees with Enrollment Open until date field will allow you to close the open enrolment events for most employees while leaving the recently added employee's Open enrollment event open. The end date controls which open enrollment dates will close.

This is why the process must be repeated until all Open Enrollment events are closed and finalized


Once Enrollment events are finalized all additional changes are made through a correction. How would you use the Open Enrollment Status Report to do this?

You can drill down on the finalized with changes and finalized with no changes links, and instead of having access to the change elections buttons, you will have a correct button.


When are employees presented with a confirmation page where they can print benefit statements?

Immediately after submitting elections.


Where could the employee print the benefit statement for any past benefit event?

On the related actions button off the worker, click benefits > and the View Benefit Statement task.


For more details pertaining to open enrollment see appendix

pg 265 - More details ie. Coordination of Events