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What will initiate a benefit Event?
A. An HR business process, such as hire
B. Manually initiate using Change Benefits
C. Open Enrollment Process
D. All of the above
E. None of the above



Under what circumstances can an employee's two benefit events with different event dates be opened simultaneously?

There are no overlapping coverage types between the events


True or False- If using employee self service, all change benefit election tasks will go to the employee's inbox without exception



What statements are true?
a. Based on the days to enroll value on the benefit event date, events will automatically close after the appropriate number of days has passed.
b. The finalize open benefit events report helps you find overdue events and close them.
c. If an employee has not submitted benefit election by the submit by date, the event will automatically close
d. All benefit events close automatically after 30 days



True or False - Dependents cannot be inactivated if they are currently enrolled in benefit elections



What are the basic steps for processing a benefit event?

1. Employee or benefit partner initiates a life change or it is initiated from an HR transaction
2. Employee or Benefits partner completes and submits new elections
3. Elections are optionally approved by Benefit Partner or other security group
4. EOI is automatically evaluated and the EOI process is initiated if required
5. Individual rates can be entered when appropriate
6. The correct benefits task can be used if elections are completed but a correction is needed.


Prior to processing a benefit event, there are components that are set up to support the process as part of the Workday Foundation and benefit set up plan. They include:

1. Benefit event type
2. Enrollment event rule
3. Benefit defaults
4. Cross plan dependencies


What is the Change benefits business process and where can employees find the task?

A benefit event can be created using the change benefits business process (initiated by the Benefit partner, administrator or employee). Employees can find it on the all about me page or by using employee's related actions.


Can the submit elections by date be edited by the employee? the benefit partner?
Where does the date come from?

The employee - can view but not edit
The benefit partner - can edit
The date will default to the number of days to enroll as designated on the Maintain Enrollment Event Types component, from event date or event initiation date.


What is the Finalize Open Benefit Events report?

It is a report that is used to pull a list of benefit events that are still open as of the submit elections by date.
The report is run for each benefit group, specifying either the status of in progress, or not started. One or more benefit event types can be selected. Once the submit elections by date on or before field is populated with a date, the report results will have a list of all open events that need to be finalized.


Name a few Workday standard reports related to benefits.

Benefit event status report
Benefit corrections in progress (audit) to ensure completed
Enrollment count
Benefits eligibility by benefit group
Benefit changes
Benefits census


What does the coordination of events for benefit do?

Coordination of Events is the management of multiple benefit events that are entered for the same employee, possibly on the same day. This feature forces the employee to enroll in benefit events in the order they occur, based on event date.


What happens when there are multiple events for an employee?

Benefit events are processed in order. If more than one event happens on the same day, the earliest one will get processed first, and everything else is on hold or remain in a finalized status. Once the open event is finalized, the system cancels the on hold event and creates it again. This ensures the benefit elections from the first event are recognized by the new event.

If multiple events are entered, but have no similar coverage types, they can both open simultaneously


Does the open enrollment status report have a column to show all employees who have enrollment events on hold due to earlier events?



If an employee started the enrollment process for a benefit event that is then placed on hold what happens?

The elections they entered will be lost.


For an event to affect another event, one of the following must occur:

1. There is a change in eligibility: loss or gain in coverage, or change in benefit group (determined by the event rules for the event). Events always reprocess when there is a change in eligibility.
2. There is an overlap in coverage types between the two events.
3. If event A has medical, dental and vision. Event B has medical and insurance. There is an overlap with medical. Events do not reprocess if there is no overlap in coverage.
4. The Do Not reprocess flag for the enrollment event is selected.


What happens if the do no reprocess flag is selected?
or Do not reprocess future events flags?

If an new event is being compared to an earlier event date and the new event has the do not reprocess flag selected, then the new event is not placed on hold and both events are processed at the same time.

If a new event is being compared to an event with a later event date, and the later event date has the do not reprocess flag selected, then the next event is left alone.

If a new event is being compared to an earlier event, and the earlier event has the do not reprocess future flag selected, the new event is not place on hold and both are processed at the same time.

If an event that was just processed is being compared to an event with a later event date, and the just processed event has the do no reprocess future events flag selected, then the next event is just left alone.


What is a hybrid event and when would it occur?

If an employee has two or more events with the same effective date, this will result in the creation of a hybrid event. A hybrid event combines the multiple events into one.


Give an example of a hybrid event?

Two events occur on March 5th: a promotion from PT to FT and a birth event. Both events are configured to be sent to the employee.
This hybrid event includes all the coverage types that should open for each event, and uses the processing rules that are highest priority


Give an example of a hybrid assignment?

Two events occur on March 5th: a dependent change and an admin correction. The dependent change event is configured to be assigned to the employee, but the admin correction event is assigned to the benefit partner. Result: A hybrid event is created and sent to the Benefit Partner's inbox.


Give an example where a hybrid is not created.

Two events occur on March 5: a job status change and an address change. The job status change includes vision and ltd but the address change only includes medical. Both events include different coverage types. They can remain separate events.


What reports are available to help with multiple benefit events?

1. Benefit event status report
2. Open Enrollment Status report
3. Workers with multiple enrollment events
4. Workers with enrollments events on hold


When would you use the Hold Event task?

You could use the task to avoid an employee entering elections in an open event prior to you initiating open enrollment. This may reduce the risk of losing elections when the event is cancelled or rescinded and then created again.


When could you use reinstatement of benefits?

1. Return from work for rehires and 2. employees returning from leaves within an eligibility period. This reinstates benefit elections the employee had prior to the coverage being lost.


Where would you configure the reinstatement of benefits?

It is a checkbox on the the benefit event.
You also need to configure the enrollment event rule, coverage rules tab and specify 'reinstate previous elections or waive' or 'reinstate previous elections, priority coverage or waive'.


How can the reinstatement period be specified?

Days, months or years.

If you specify zero months as the reinstatement period, Workday looks back to the first of the month.

If you specify one month, Workday looks back to the first of the previous calendar month.


How can you be sure reinstatement is employed correctly?

In the events and reason sections, reinstatement events can be mapped to the same bps a other benefit events but should specify UNIQUE reasons.


When someone is added to the list of possible beneficiaries, is this mean they have been designated as a beneficiary?



What are the minimum requirements for a trust vs. a person as a beneficiary.

Trust - contact information such as phone number, address is not required
Person - at least address required


How can a dependent event be initiated?

Benefit change BP or through the dependent event BP


What happens if reasons are not linked to a benefit event type? (see our own tenant - not linked to a change)

The change benefits election step will not be triggered


What should the effective date required on a dependent event reflect?

Date of the change, ie. child's date of birth


When can you delete a dependent or beneficiary from Workday?

When they have never enrolled in coverage or identified as a beneficiary for a specific plan.


What can you do if an a dependent or beneficiary has been enrolled or designated as a beneficiary?

They can be inactivated. This can occur due to death or marital status change.


What is the first step to inactivating a dependent or beneficiary?

They must be removed from all elections first.


How do you inactivate a dependent or beneficiary?

Go to the view dependent or view beneficiary page, use the related actions button and select dependent > inactivate or beneficiary > inactivate.


How can you reactivate a dependent or beneficiary?

Follow the same navigation to inactivate.


Who can inactivate and activate dependents or beneficiaries?

Benefit partner or administrator or any other security group given access to inactivate dependent initiating action of the dependent event business process.
Workers can't do this through self serve unless given access through BP security policy.


Where would you track a court order for benefits?

Navigate to the dependent or beneficiary page, click on the edit task and click on the dependent court order details tab. This is not available when adding a new dependent or beneficiary. Once this is done add the dependent through an enrollment event.


What happens if an employee tries to remove the court ordered coverage?

They receive an error message -
The following dependents have active court orders and must be enrolled in the related coverage types: Angela Morales (Dental, Medical)


What report shows court orders? How can it be run?

The Active Court Orders report
It can be run by benefit group
This report shows if the court order is being met.


Cobra Business Process - See page 207

This is not on the outline for the test.


Explain why a retirement savings plan is handled differently than other benefit plan types in Workday.

This is because, unlike other plan types, it can be included in benefit event processing, as well as through the Change Retirement Savings task, which uses the Change retirement savings business process.


Where can you find the change retirement savings task? Is it a BP?

The task can be found on the home page in the benefit worklet or by using the employee's related actions under the benefit actions. This task is a BP and has the option for review or approval steps.


How would you add a external link such as a direct link for an employee's retirement savings provider?

This is set up using the configure worklet task, which controls what is included in the worklet. If employees will not be entering retirement savings enrollment through Workday, you would not include the retirement savings actions.


Can employees enter past date for retirement savings? Can the benefit partner?

No, employees can only enter current or future date.
Benefit partner or admin can enter past date.


If you wanted to use the stand alone Change retirement task how would you set this up?

You need to link the task to the event type that will be used to process the event. This is done in the edit Tenant setup- HCM task. Once an event is created in the Maintain Enrollment Event Types, it is linked to the default event type for retirement savings field in the tenant setup (see our tenant).