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Carmen, a young gypsy, is arrested by Don José for fighting. She gets him to let her go and commit treason. Later on Don José stabs her. Composed by Georges Bizet



Ethipian princess falls in love with an Egyptian General. They run away but are caught by a jealous Egyptian princess. She buries the General alive but the Ethiopian princess sneaks in his tomb. Composed by Giuseppe Verdi.



Composed by Mozart. Figaro and Susanna want to marry. Marcellina wants to marry Figaro, the Count has made unwanted advances on Susanna, and Figaro has to pay a debt before he marries.

The Marriage of Figaro


Composed by Rossini. Count Almaviva love Rosina, the ward of Dr Bartolo. Figaro promises the Count he will help h get the girl. After many disguises, he succeeds the notary that was to wes Rosina and Dr. Bartolo.

The Barber of Seville


Composed by Rossini. William Tell is a Swiss Patriot and helps a fugitive escape Austria's Governor. When the Gov. Asked him to bow he didn't. He had a to shoot an apple off his sons head. Got arrested. Escapes and has his son set his house on fire.

William Tell


Composed by Mozart. Don Giovanni tries to deduce Donna Anna. He kills her father in a sword fight. When the fathers statue comes to life, the statue drags Giovanni to Hell.

Don Giovanni