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Rescue Helicopters over water shall.....

have a member of its crew who is completely outfitted for water entry and completed rescue swimmer school


Authorized Airfields (DoD)

- Authorized at all US military and joint civil-military airfields
- Use PPR if required
- PPR not needed for alternate or emergency diverts
- If returning to US, PIC shall ensure they will satisfy US service Customs at airfield


Authorized Airfields (Civilian)

- Authorized if in US Enroute Supplement
- Shall not be used for RON unless necessary


Civilian Airfields
- Facilities
- Security

- PIC shall ensure DoD contract service available
- PIC shall ensure security is in place whenever aircraft is left unattended away from homefield



Helicopter may land at other than airfield if....
CO can waive if.....

1) Military requirement exists
2) Adequate safeguards are taken to permit safe landing and takeoff without hazards to people or property
3) There are no legal objections

***CO can waive if aircraft is engaged in SAR operations***


Airfield Operations Outside Published Hours / Closed Control Tower Operations

- COs of airfields are authorized to extend operating hours beyond those published in directory without opening tower
-Both the CO of the airfield and unit commander have authorized operations
- Naval aircraft are authorized to operate art a closed control tower airfield with no crash crew when both the CO of the airfield and unit commander have authorized operations


Closed Airfields

Prohibited except for in case of emergency


PIC (or delegated to NATOPS qualified aircrew or NFO) verifies by signing Flight plan

Flight has been properly authorized
Adequate Flight planning
Fuel/weather requirements met
Each pilot in form has weather brief
Each pilot has inst rating if flying IMC of pos contrl
Passengers briefed and manifested
Proper weight and balance
PIC acknowledges responsibility for safe and orderly conduct of flight


Alternate Filing Requirements

-Alt required if t be used for alternate selection


Call Sign

Recommend Using Squadron Modex (N1E107)
Tactical/Squadron can be used if necessary


Authorized Flight Weather Briefing and void time

1) Metoc is primary
2) 1-888-PILOTWX is secondary
3) Commercial Weather if necessary

Void 3 hours after brief or 30 after ETD


Flight into WW

Operational Necessity
Weather Research

1) Storm has not progressed as forecasted (DOD of FWB):
-VFR filing if weather permits
- IFR flight permitted if radar installed and can detect storm
- IFR flight is permitted in controlled airspace if vmc can be maintained and can detect/avoid isolated storms

2) Performance characteristics allow flight above storm


Minimum Fuel Requirements

If alternate not required, then take to destination plus 10%
If alternate is required, fuel to fly from takeoff, to approach fix at destination, and to alternate, plus 10%
In no case, fuel reserve after landing be less than that needed for 20 minutes of flight

Compute fuel consumption at planned flight altitude


Closing Flight Plan

PIC/Formation Leader Responsible
Military: Verbal confirmation with tower/baseops
Turn in flight plan to base ops

Non military: Close with flight service

*Cancelling IFR plan does not constitute close out


Shoot Approach Below Mins

- Multi-piloted
- Capability to proceed to suitable alternate