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What is Heroin?

An opiate that produces a rush, euphoria and tranquility


common ocular finding for opiate abuser?

pin point pupils


Findings for 20yr old at clinic? How does she present?

- VAs: 20/20-2 O.D. and20/15 O.S
- Unaware of the mild gradual painless vision loss OD
- 20% red desaturation O.D.
- pupils were normal in response and size.
- Ishihara color vision test was normal.
- OD optic nerve revealed an area of temporal pallor
- Admits to 2 and a half years of heroin addiction and concomitant alcohol abuse.
- In a drug rehab program, clean for 30 days.


What is one ocular hallmark that you expect to find in an opiate abuser?

visual fields central or centro-cecal field defects.


In addition, what could have brought on the vision loss?

the alcohol


What was the conclusion?

Impossible to separate the role alcohol abuse played in the development of optic atrophy of this patient addicted to heroin versus an interior ischemic optic neuropathy due to orthostatic hypotension induced by heroin highs.