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What is the general strategy of the "split-mixed" insulin treatment program?

  • Regular insulin at breakfast and dinner
  • NPH at breakfast and dinner


What is an important point to make to your patient when suggesting the classic "split-mixed" insulin treatment program?

The patient must be careful to not overdose on NPH insulin at dinner because it can result in fatal nocturnal hypoglycemia


Why is the "Split-mixed" insulin treatment program with bedtime intermediate insulin preferred to the classical SPTP?

There is a less likelihood for nocturnal hypoglycemia


What two insulins are recommended for patients on a budget?

Regular insulin and NPH


What is the overall goal of insulin treatment?

To mimic normal insulin secretory patterns


Describe the Basal/Bolus Insulin strategy using regular and NPH insulin

  • Regular insulin at all meals
  • NPH insulin at bed time


Describe the Basal/Bolus Treatment program with rapid-acting and long-acting analogs

  • Either Aspart or Lispro at every meal
  • Glargine or (high dose) Detemir once a day before bed


Major side effects of insulin?

  • Hypoglycemia
  • Weight Gain
  • Local/systemic allergic reactions
  • Lipoatrophy/hypertrophy


What types of insulin are used in pumps?

Rapid-acting insulins


Bobby is very good about checking his glucose, which he does 4 times a day. Although he is very diligent, what are possible downsides to his glucose-reading regimen?

  • The 4 readings are only a "snapshot" view of blood glucose and does not indicate glucose rise or fall


George has an A1C of 6.7%. Although he has reached is goal of < 7%, his glycemic control quality may not be desirable. How?

He may have extreme highs and lows throughout his day which average to a low A1C.


Why is continuous glucose monitoring beneficial?

It not only shows glucose levels, but it shows trends/rates of glucose rise and fall