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How should a pilot call a mechanic?

Press and hold the MECH button. It illuminates a blue light on the EXT PWR PANEL and sounds an external horn.


How should a pilot call the forward flight attendant?

Press the FWD button.


What happens when a pilot presses the EMER pb?

- Pink light flashes at all area Call Panels.
- EMERGENCY CALL appears on all attendant indication panels.
- High-low chime (repeated 3 times) sounds throughout the cabin loud speakers.


What happens when the F/As initiate an emergency call?

- The white EMER ON light and amber CALL lights flash.
- The amber ATT lights flash on the ACPs.
- 3 long buzzers sound in the cockpit.
- System resets when the attendant hangs up the relevant systems.


What does the illumination of the SYS ON light mean?

The signal has been sent to release the oxygen mask doors.


What causes automatic deployment of the masks?

Cabin altitude reaching approximately 14,000'.


How does the passenger oxygen system work?

Chemical oxygen generators for approximately 13 to 15 minutes.


What happens when a pilot pushes the CREW SUPPLY pb?

Valve opens to supply low pressure oxygen to the pilots.


What indication would a pilot have of a crew oxygen cylinder thermal discharge?

The green disk on the lower left side of the forward fuselage would be missing


Will the crew oxygen mask microphone automatically be deactivated when the mask is stowed?

No, you must press the RESET control slide.


Why is the GND CTL pb selected to ON during preflight?

To record preflight activities in the cockpit


If the PB was not selected ON, how would the system work in automatic mode?

- ON for 5 minutes after electrical power is supplied to the aircraft.
- At least one engine is operating, stops 5 min after last engine shut down.


What allows the cabin PAs to be recorded?

ACP 3 PA Volume knob out and in the 12 to 3 o’clock position.


Pressing the GPWS SYS pb does what?

All Basic GPWS alerts (Modes 1 to 5) are inhibited.


What does an amber FAULT light in the SYS pb indicate on the GPWS panel? What effect if any does it have on the TERRAIN mode?

- Any failure of GPWS mode 1 through 5.
- No effect.


Describe a situation when a pilot might press LDG FLAP 3?

- To avoid nuisance warning in case of landing in CONF 3.
- In this case, LDG MEMO displays FLAPS…CONF 3 instead of FLAPS …FULL.


Describe a situation when a pilot might press the FLAP MODE pb?

- To avoid nuisance warning in case of landing with flaps setting reduced.
- FLAP SYS 1 (2) Fault would cause you to select FLAP MODE off.


What effect if any does the TERR mode failed have on basic GPWS?

No effect.


What is the significance of the red FAULT illuminating on the RAT & EMER GEN light?

AC BUS1 and AC BUS 2 are lost and the RAT is not supplying electrical power.


When would it normally illuminate?

The fault light will illuminate once the RAT is deployed and electrical power is not being supplied (approximately 8 seconds).


How can the RAT be deployed?

Manually by pushing MAN ON or RAT MAN ON, or automatically by the loss of both AC BUS 1 and AC BUS 2.


What does the RAT supply?

Blue Hydraulic system and the emergency electrical generator.


What buses are powered by the emergency electrical generator?

- AC ESS and AC ESS Shed.
- DC ESS and DC ESS Shed.


What is the difference between the Automatic RAT deployment and RAT deployed by pressing the RAT MAN ON on the HYD panel?

RAT MAN ON supplies Blue Hydraulic PSI only, no electrical generation.


After deploying the RAT by pressing the RAT MAN ON pushbutton on the HYD panel and it became necessary to also extract electrical power, how can it be accomplished?

By pressing the MAN ON pushbutton on the EMER ELEC PWR.


What would cause the GEN 1 LINE SMOKE light to illuminate?

Smoke detected in the avionics ventilation ducting.


If the ECAM directs a pilot to select GEN 1 LINE PB to OFF, what will be accomplished?

- GEN 1 line contactor opens (white OFF light illuminates).
- AC BUS 1 powered by GEN 2 through the Bus Tie Contactor.
- GEN 1 powers one fuel pump directly in each wing tank.


Will there be any other indications of avionics smoke?

ECAM warning and amber FAULT lights in the EXTRACT and BLOWER pbs on the VENTILATION panel.


What is checked on the EVAC panel during the Preliminary cockpit preparation?

CAPT & PURS switch in CAPT position.


How should the pilot command an evacuation?

- Make a PA announcement.
- Press the EVAC COMMAND pb.