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What does the Police threat assessment methodology: TENR stand for?

  • Threat is assessed
  • Exposure is managed (potential harm, security of places or things)
  • Necessity to intervene, immediatly considered
  • Response is proportionate and considered on assessment of above points


In what situations must TENR be applied? (2)

Clue: 'all situations that...'

all situations that involve risk


potential to cause harm


What definition of 'Risk' do NZP use?

Clue: 'The effect of...'

"The effect of uncertainty in achieving objectives."


  • What is a negative risk also known as?
  • What is a positive risk also known as?

  • A threat
  • An opportunity


The risk management guidelines support our Risk Management Policy and provide a practical process to deal with risk.  What are those five steps: (5)

Clue: Establish, ID, A, E, TA

  • Establish context
  • Identify risk
  • Analyse risk impact
  • Evaluate risk
  • Take action


What are the three key roles for risk management?

  • Risk Coordinator Role
  • Risk Lead Role
  • Treatment Lead Role


With regards to Step 1 (Establishing Context) of the risk management process what three thing need to be considered? 

Clue: Understand..., Identify..., Define...

  • Understand importance of activity
  • Identify objectives/outcomes
  • Define internal/external factors


With regards to Step 2 (Identify Risk) of the risk management process what four thing need to be considered? 

Clue: Select..., Consider..., Confirm..., Write...

  • Select an approach to risk identification
  • Consider potential risk to objectives/outcomes
  • Confirm risks are not issures
  • Write a risk statement


What is the main difference between 'Risks' and 'Issues?'

  • Risks: important and non-urgent, future event may/may not happen (need focus and planning)
  • Issues: important and urgent, occurring/has occurred (need immediate management)


For each risk/opportunity identified, what three questions should be asked? (3)

  • What would cause the risk to occur?
  • What would the consequences be?
  • Any financial impact?


What are the three 'elements' and 'linking words' to writing a 'risk statment?'

Clue: UE, C, C

  • Uncertain Event: "There is a risk of..."
  • Cause: "as a result of..."
  • Consequence:  "this may lead to..."


With regards to Step 3 (Analyse Risk) of the risk management process what three thing need to be considered? 

Clue: I, D, RM

  • Identify existing controls (Guidance: Control vs Treatment)
  • Determine the risk using consequences and likelihood tables
  • Risk Matrix


With regards to Step 4 (Evaluate Risk) of the risk management process Study the Risk Response Table 



What are the five types of intervention when deciding on the best approach or treatment for a risk?

Clue: P, D, C, D

  • Prevention -stop it happening
  • Detective -alert to something happening
  • Corrective -undertake corrective action 
  • Directive -trigger someone to do something


5With regards to Step 5 (Take Action) of the risk management process what five thing need to be considered? 

Clue: Decide, D, C, E, C,

  • Decide approach and treatment
  • Develop risk response
  • Confirm risk response will reduce risk
  • Ensure Risk Lead/Treatment Lead understand
  • Capture results


What are the possive risk pesponse options open to police?


  • Negative: Avoid, R, FB, Transfer, Share, Accept
  • Positive: Exploit, E, S, R

  • Negative:
    • avoid
    • Reduce
    • Fall-back
    • Transfer
    • Share
    • Accept
  • Positive
    • Exploit
    • Enhance
    • Share
    • Reject