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Define organising


The best plans can still fail without correct implementation. Implementation begins with organising, the process of assigning tasks, allocating resources and arranging activities to implement the plans. Organising turns plans into actions.


Formal and Informal structure


Formal structure is best described in the for of an organisational chart, which a diagram shows the reporting relationships and the formal arrangement of work positions. The chart identifies various positions and job titles as well as the lines of authority and communication between them. This is the formal structure of the official state of the organisation. Some main points in the formal structure are the division of work, supervisory relationships, communication channels, major subunits, levels of management.
The informal structure is usually made up of unofficial working relationships between members.If a chart was drawn it would have lines running left to right aswell as diagonal and up down. It may show people meeting for coffee, exercise rooms or any common informal room.