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What is the difference between a startup Incubator and a startup Accelerator?

  • Incubators are physical locations providing subsidized rent and some form of minimal guidance, support, and introductions for startups
  • Accelerators are programs that (usually) take an equity stake in startups, in exchange for seed money and active mentorship
  • Accelerator programs are usually for a fixed time period (3-6 months) and do not necessarily involve a physical office space


What are the Top 10 startup accelerators in the US? (according to TechCocktail's ranking formula)

  1. TechStars ( CO, MA, WA, NY)
  2. Y Combinator (CA)
  3. Excelerate Labs (IL)
  4. Launchbox Digital (NC)
  5. Kicklabs (CA)
  6. Tech Wildcatter (TX)
  7. DreamIt Ventures (PA)
  8. The Brandery (OH)
  9. Capital Factory (TX)
  10. NYC SeedStart (NY)


What are the current Top 15 Venture Capital Firms? (according to General Catalyst Partners' "InvestorRank" metric)

  1. Andreesen-Horowitz
  2. Sequoia Capital
  3. Accel Partners
  4. Benchmark Capital
  5. Union Square Ventures
  6. General Catalyst Partners
  7. NEA
  8. Kleiner Perkins
  9. Khosla Ventures
  10. Greylock Capital
  11. Bessemer Venture Partners
  12. First Round Capital
  13. Norwest Venture Partners
  14. Spark Capital
  15. Redpoint Ventures


Name the most highly trafficked web-based sources for tech and startup news

  • Tech Crunch
  • Venture Beat
  • Hacker News
  • Mashable
  • Business Insider
  • Gizmodo
  • CNet
  • Engadget


What is Venture Hacks?

  • Venture Hacks is the best-known blog for advice for startups raising money from angels and VCs
  • It was started by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, two serial entrepreneurs and prominent angel investors
  • AngelList actually grew out of Venture Hacks


Name a few prominent venues where startups can pitch to audiences that may include potential investors. (Not including individual accelerators' "Demo Days")

  • Ultra Light Startups
  • Founders Showcase
  • TechCrunch Disrupt
  • Vator Splash
  • NY Tech Meetup
  • Open Angel Forum
  • Capital Call
  • SF New Tech


What are the three leading web-based resources where you can find detailed information about angel investors (& their recent investments) in your particular field or region?

  • AngelList
  • ChubbyBrain
  • CrunchBase


What is AngelList, and how does it work?

  • AngelList is a site that helps early-stage startups connect with professional investors through its social network-like reference system
  • The most successful startups show that they already have part of their round committed by other investors before listing on AngelList
  • Profounder and GrowVC are recent competitors to AngelList


What is ChubbyBrain, and how does it work?

  • ChubbyBrain offers a funding recommendation engine that uses an algorithm to suggest angel investors and VCs based on a startup's market, size, stage, and location and the investor's actual prior investments
  • It uses data from CB Insights, a database which profiles private companies and associated financing & M&A transactions


What is CrunchBase, and how does it work?

  • CrunchBase is a database of investors, Venture Capital firms, and startups that includes bios and investment histories
  • It is mainly an information hub and is not necessarily focused on pairing startups with investors
  • It is managed by the owners of the blog TechCrunch


What are "angel networks", and how do they work?

  • Angel networks are groups of early-stage investors who provide a central forum where entrepreneurs can pitch to many investors at once
  • Sometimes angel networks even pool their money together and invest as a unit
  • An example angel network is NY Angels


What is "500 Startups"?

  • 500 Startups is a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator and investment fund founded by Dave McClure in 2010
  • Notable investments to date: MyGengo and Udemy


What are the largest, most prominent tech startup "meetup" groups in Silicon Valley and New York, respectively? (i.e. The largest venues to demo your startup)

  • Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup
  • NY Tech Meetup


What is "Hacker News"?

  • Hacker News has become the most prominent web/mobile news feed for the tech community
  • It was started by the startup accelerator Y Combinator
  • It allows the community to "curate" the top news through the use of its "up-vote" process
  • It also has a job board


What is Stack Overflow?

  • Stack Overflow is the most popular free programming Q & A site
  • It lets hackers earn geek cred for their participation in the forums
  • It also has a well-known tech job board


What is GitHub?

  • GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects
  • Developers can post their code for others to use, modify, or comment on
  • Top contributors earn significant "geek cred"
  • GitHub also hosts a well-known tech job board


What is 37 Signals?

  • 37 Signals is the web application company that developed Ruby on Rails
  • Pioneers in agile development and authors of the book "ReWork"
  • Developers of the popular programs Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire, and Highrise
  • Founded by Jason Fried