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What do you do if an earthquake occurs?

Duck, cover and hold.


What do you do in the case of a fire?

Leave the classroom immediately.


Where do you meet if you are required to evacuate from the Climbing Center? From the Pole Yard? From the Transmission Training Trailer? From the Chino Office Building?

- Exit the building from the front of the double doors. Assemble in the pole yard at Pole #3
- Assemble at Pole #3
- Assemble at Pole #4
- Each classroom features a posted evacuation route. Follow the instructor out, along that route.


What do you take with you in case you may not be able to re-enter the building?

Essential belongings such as purse, wallet, glasses, car keys, etc.


What is considered proper work attire?

- Shirts should be made of flame retardant cotton. SCE provided shirts are required.
- Pants should fit to hold climbing belt up, but allow freedom of movement for climbing.
- Boots must be worn; no tennis shoes.


What are the pole yard rules?

- Know your job.
- Identify hazards and understand the risks, and then control the hazards.
- Look for what you cannot see.
- Think ahead.
- Stop the job if in doubt.
- Be your Brother's Keeper. Teamwork is a major factor in keeping everyone safe.


What should you do if suffering from an injury?

Report it immediately to an instructor/supervisor. Failure to report injuries may lead to further injury, if no medical attention is sought.


What are Instructor Classroom Presentations?

Classroom modules on specific topics are taught by qualified instructors at the Chino Training Facility.


What are Preliminary Incident Reports (PIRs)?

The PIRs are covered daily in the classroom to provide awareness of injuries.


What are Case Studies?

A discussion on past lessons learned, typically taken from past WICCs related to classroom topics being covered.


What is the Daily Review?

Generally held each day to review previous content to confirm that each apprentice has a correct understanding of the information presented.


What are Field Visits?

Structured visits to train the apprentice on specific learning objectives. The visits may provide apprentice with general knowledge of a job position or a location, may be used to reinforce the classroom instruction.


What is Computer Based Training (CBT) and or Video?

Used as a visual aid to provide another training resource to the instructor to reinforce or teach a lesson to the apprentice.


Describe what is done in the Pole Yard.

1.) Demonstration
2.) Hands-on Exercise
3.) Group Discussion
4.) Safety Activities


What is OJT?

On-the-Job Training. As an apprentice you are responsible for becoming proficient in performing tasks that are in line with the allowable work practices for the respective step as well as notifying your supervisor when you are ready to be assessed on a specific job task.


What are Self-Study Questions?

Self-Study Questions test you technical knowledge and understanding of equipment, procedures, safe work practices, and rules for working on Edison distribution equipment. You should complete all questions prior to being scheduled for your Step Progression Assessment. You should also complete the Self-Study Questions as early as possible during the Step to ensure questions are graded and returned to you in time to study for your Step Progression Knowledge Test.


What are Daily Logs?

Daily Logs are used to document and rate your performance each day. Evaluated and signed by your foreman. 48-hour sign off period.


What is the role of a Groundman?

To learn and demonstrate the knowledge and skills required of a Groundman.


What are the responsibilities of a Groundman?

1.) Demonstrate a positive attitude, work safely, and follow the instructions of Foreman, Journeyman Lineman or Senior Groundman.
2.) Complete the required classroom and on-the-job training.
3.) Complete Daily Log, Task Learning Guides, and Self-Study Questions.
4.) Submit complete documentation in a timely manner to supervisor and Chino.
5.) Pass assessments given at each step of progression


Where can you find your Allowable Work Practices for each given step?

Apprentice Manual Appendix B. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to your allowable work practice for your respective step.