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Which setting should the walkie-talkie be in when trying to transmit an emergency?

Talk Group


What does three fast chirp tones mean?

The line is available and you may talk.


How does the walkie-talkie sound when the lines are busy?

You will get a fast, flat tone, like on a telephone, indicating that all channels at that site are in use.


What should you do if you're unable to talk due to a busy signal?

Press the Emergency Button.


What should display after pressing the Emergency Button?

The word Emergency shall alternate with Talk Group.


How long do you have to transmit your message after pressing the Emergency Button?

2 minutes and 30 seconds.


What information should be provided and how when calling in an emergency?

Ina a calm, clear and normal tone of voice
- Who you are
- The location of the emergency
- What assistance is needed