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Life came from...

- conditions on primitive earth were prime for certain chemical reactions to take place (very hot)
- inorganic molecules became larger and their shapes change, behavior changes, attach to chains. we call these macromolecules
- if molecules hit the macromoles membrance, the molecules would enter the lining of the macromolecules making the first protocells
- not very complex at first, but it would be similar to bacteria
- polymerization is when the same cell attaches to the same cell many times
- true cell must be able to replicate itself
- possible that proteins were the first cells since they are able to copy themselves

- proteins developed metabolism which developed DNA and RNA


Evidence for the origins of life?

In Miller and Urey's experiment (1953), gases that were thought to be present in the early Earth's atmosphere were added and circulated past an energy source (electric spark). The gases were then cooled and upon chemical analysis, the liquid contained small organic molecules. (see word doc- lesson 4)



largest group with separation based on biochemical and genetic differences. Domain Bacteria, archaea (bacteria that grow in extreme environments like the beginnings of earth, archaic), domain eukarya (eukaryotes)