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What is introspection?

It's the first systematic experimental attempt to study the mind by breaking it up into conscious awareness into basic structures of thoughts, images and sensations.


Rene Descartes is a French philosopher who believes in Cartesian dualism. What does this mean?

The view that the mind and the body are separated from each other. This has since been challenged.


Empiricism was proposed by ________. This is ...
Then later becomes the _____________________

The idea that all experience can be obtained through the senses. Along with the thought that humans neither inherit knowledge or instincts. (Behaviourist Approach)


The "father" of psychology is known as ___________. He opened the first experimental psychology lab in _____. Where was this located and what did it do?

In Germany, it meant that psychology could emerge as a discipline in its own right.


In the 17th-19th Century, psychology was best known as?

Experimental philosophy.


In the 18th Century, Charles Darwin developed ideas critical to which approach?

The evolutionary theory of more adaptive genes i.e survival of the fittest is deep rooted in many areas especially the biological approach.


John B Watson and BF Skinner (established it) write psychology according to which approach?

The behaviourist approach in around 1913, which along with the psychodynamic approach remained dominate for the next 50 years.


In the 1900's which major approach is established and what therapy is it centred around?

Sigmund Freud publishes The interpretation of dreams forming the psychodynamic approach. Psychoanalysis is very important within this.


In the 1950's, which 2 key figures develop the humanistic approach?

Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. The importance of self-determination and free will seen.


The cognitive approach or revolution came along with ______________. Which introduced the study of mental processes.

The introduction of the digital computer gave the psychologists a metaphor for the operations of the human mind.


Which approach came around the time of the 1960's?

This is the social learning theory proposed by Albert Bandura.


When is the biological approach established?

From the 1980s onwards, due to advances in technology leading to it become the most dominant scientific perspective in psychology.


Cognitive neuroscience emerges bringing together which approaches?

The cognitive and biological