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What is its purpose of Dycal?

▪ Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory protective base/liner on IPC


How is Dycal mixed

▪ On a mixing pad, Dycal + accelerator dots (base and catalyst) → mix until evenly colored (10 seconds)


Do we want a thick or thin layer of Dycal? Cover a large area or small Why?

▪ Thin becaue it is weak (avoid cavosurface margins)


Should the tooth be moist or dry for Dycal?



Do we light cure Dycal?



Why is Dycal covered with Vitrebond?

▪ Resists condensation, increases bonding, seals tubules


What classification of material is Vitrebond?

▪ Resin modified glass ionomer


How do you prepare the tooth for Vitrebond?

▪ Do NOT condition; just put over dycal


How do you mix Vitrebond

▪ 1:1 mix on mixing pad, about 15 seconds (1 scoop:1 drop)


Do we light cure Vitrebond?

▪ Yes 30 seconds


What is TheraCal LC?

TheraCal LC is a bioactive light-cured resin-modified calcium silicate


Do we want a thick or thin layer of TheraCal LC? Cover a large area or small Why?

▪ Thin, large
▪ Cover affected dentin over the pulp and healthy dentin


How thick and increment can we place for TheraCal LC?

▪ 1 mm thick increments


Should the tooth be moist or dry for TheraCal LC?

▪ Moist because this material pulls water from tubules anyhow


Do we light Cure for TheraCal LC?

▪ Yes 20 seconds


Etchant used for AmalgamBond Plus and how applied

10% citric acid - Dispense 1 or 2 drops of DENTIN ACTIVATOR (A). Apply to exposed dentin for 10 seconds. Wash thoroughly and dry with oil-free, moisture-free air-stream. Can also be used to etch enamel for 30 seconds before water-rinsing.


After rinsing etchant for AmalgamBond Plus, how dry do you want the surface?

▪ Frosty but not desiccated
Remove standing moisture


After applying the adhesive agent AA for AmalgamBond Plus how long do you dry? (Is the air syringe blasting air to thin or gently blowing to evaporate?)

▪ Gently blow to evaporate
▪ 30 seconds


Why do we use HPA for AmalgamBond Plus?

▪ High performance additive
▪ Stronger bonding with this filler


What is the ratio of drops of base to catalyst for AmalgamBond Plus?

▪ 3 drops of base to 1 catalyst (think Three rhymes with B)


Do you place a thick or thin layer of AmalgamBond Plus? Why?

▪ Thin, don’t want any pooling that would inhibit micr-mechanical interlocking of the fingers of amalgam


How does the condensation technique differ using AmalgamBond Plus from a conventionally placed amalgam?

▪ Condense to all the walls immediately (witin 30 seconds)


Do pins increase the retention of an amalgam when coupled with AmalgamBond Plus?

▪ Yes, by 4 times


Do negative retentive features such as circumferential slots increase the retention of an amalgam when coupled with AmalgamBond Plus?

▪ No, you just get pooling


Be able to assemble a circumferential matrix band in a standard and/or contra-angle Tofflemire retainer and place on a dentoform tooth. Describe qualities.

● Dead soft contact
● Sealed gingival
● No wrinkles or shape distortion
● Nothing trapped inside
● ~1mm higher than highest cavomargin for amalgam


Explain when you would choose a contra-angle retainer

▪ When retainer is balancing awkwardly/uncomfortably on the patients lip and have to place retainer at a different angle
▪ “The contra- angle retainer may be use when the retainer must be place on the lingual surface of the tooth. The angle of the handle allows it to be placed without the interference of the anterior teeth.”


Recognize the difference between the Dixieland matrix and the universal Tofflemire matrix band and discuss the advantage of the Dixieland.

▪ Dixieland → come to you curved; Advantage: Stiffer so can withstand condensation, can be inserted if tooth is in contact
▪ Tofflemire: flat V


Be able to discuss which component of the system is moving the teeth to compensate for matrix thickness (the wooden wedge, plastic wedge or retaining ring)

▪ Wooden wedge?


Demonstrate how to determine the size of segmental matrix to choose

▪ Place it and want even with MR and to close the gingival margin (unlike tofflemire)


Demonstrate the orientation of the segmental matrix during placement

▪ Smile face up to the occlusal