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What type of character is othello?

Tragic hero (protagonist)


What are the key ideas around othello?

1) husband 2) military man 3) wants to be equal 4) trusted foreigner 5) black man in a white world 6) wields power


What are our first impressions of othello?

Iagos reductive assessment makes him seem bombastic, proud and lascivious and crude


How does iago present othello as bombastic?

“Loving his own pride and purposes”


How does iago make othello seem lascivious?

“Old black ram tupping your white ewe”


How is othello seen with natural authority and sincerity in (1:2)

“Keep up your bright swords”


How is othello seen as an impressive military commander in (1:3) ?

“Honours” and “valiant parts”


How is othello presented as a fine rhetorician in (1:3) ?

He speaks in verse “most potent and grave seniors” and “nobel and approved masters”


What are some key ideas that lead to Othellos tragic downfall?

1) reputation 2) sexual jealousy 3) desdemonas chastity 4) honour 5) war 6) doubt 7) manipulation 8) racism


Who admires Othello?

Respected figures - even brabantio admires Othello as a soldier


What do we not doubt about Othello?

Othello is a good soldier - little evidence but he stopped the fight during his wedding festivities


How is Othello and desdemonas relationship presented as sincere and intense?

“Let me go with him”


How are othello and desdemona represented as a worth couple?

“Far more fair than black” and “I think this tale would win my daughter too”


How do othello and desdemona speak freely about their love?

Speak honestly “I won his daughter”


How is Othello presented to be overwhelmed by love in (2:1)?

“Oh my fair warrior”


How is othello presented to not be able to control his erotic feelings in (3:3)?

“Chaos come again”


What is interesting about othello being a rational solider?

He is also presented as a blind lover


What problems do othellos qualities that serves him well as a soldier cause?

His decisiveness and need for “ocular proof”


What is interesting to note about othellos jealousy?

He seems to have a propensity to jealousy


How is othello shown to reject iagos ideas?

He has second thoughts on desdemonas virtuity before he murders her “when I have plucked thy rose I cannot give it vital growth again”


How do we understand othellos jealousy?

He has no reason to doubt his ensign - iago has plausible evidence and is cunning


How is othello presented as not wholly noble?

Othellos imagination was polluted “I’ll tear her all to pieces”


How do we sympathise with othello?

His conception of himself was challenged as an outsider - he feels like ordinary, foolish “cuckhold”


What does othellos readiness to believe iago suggest?

He is naive and lacks intellect “look to your wife” and irony in “green eyed monster”


What could othello being out of his depth suggest?

He does not understand the subtleties and sophisticated society he married into - he is a novel savage as


Why are we reminded at the end of the play that othello is under iagos influence?

He plays out the gross stereotypes but is only “ensnared” into becoming a ruthless “Demi-devil”


What could the result of othello trying to combine his solider and lover lead to?

His desire for revenge “farewell the tranquil mind”


How could desdemona replace othellos pride?

She replaced his career, almost like a prize and new source of pride


How does othellos suicide he’ll reconcile his actions?

We are reminded of his honours and feel pity - he cannot condone for his actions