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What are GAGAS?

Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards

Also called Government Auditing Standards (GAS)


What is another name for GAGAS?

The Yellow Book


What is a main factor of consideration in determining materiality levels for governmental compliance audits?

Grantors' needs -- other users' needs are secondary


What is The Compliance Supplement?

Includes compliance requirements for many federal government programs

Issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)


What are the ethical principles underlying GAGAS?

(1) public interest
(2) integrity
(3) objectivity
(4) use of gov't info and resources
(5) professional behavior


What is generally incorporated into GAGAS?

AICPA fieldwork and reporting standards (with related SASs) unless specific exceptions are made in GAGAS


What is covered by OMB Circular A-133?

Audits of states, local governments, and nonprofit organizations

These audits are in accord with OMB Circular A-133 and the "Single Audit Act"


What is the threshold in OMB Circular A-133 requiring an audit for state or local governments?

Only states and local governments who expend (not merely receive) over $500,000 of federal rewards meet the threshold


How many different compliance requirements are contained under OMB Circular A-133?



What are the first five compliance requirements of A-133?

(1) which goods/services can be purchased with federal funds
(2) which costs can be federally reimbursed
(3) requirements on time between cash receipt and disbursement
(4) Davis-Bacon act (requires prevailing regional wage for construction projects)
(5) eligibility of recipients of financial aid


What are the second five compliance requirements of A-133?

(6) equipment & real property management
(7) how much entities should contribute their own funds
(8) period of federal funds' availability
(9) procurement, suspension, & debarment
(10) the program's income


What are the last four compliance requirements of A-133?

(11) requirements on how real property can be acquired and prior residents relocated
(12) specific reports to be filed
(13) monitoring of sub-recipients
(14) special tests & provisions


How does the auditor's concern for materiality differ in A-133 than in ordinary GAAS?

He considers materiality in relation to each individual program, not just to the entity as a whole


What is the PCAOB?

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

Established by Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)


What is the role of the PCAOB?

(1) Registering public accounting firms
(2) Setting standards for public company audits
(3) Performing inspections for public accounting firms
(4) Enforcing compliance with SOX


Who approves the auditing standards which the PCAOB adopts?



What does SOX forbid for audits?

It forbids public accounting firms from providing a number of nonaudit services to clients whom they are auditing
-e.g. bookkeeping services for accounting records, valuation, actuarial services, management or HR, etc.


What does SOX require for audits?

Rotation of the lead audit partner (for a particular firm being audited) at least every five years


Which other conflicts of interest does SOX forbid?

If one of the client's officers was employed with the audit firm and participated in the audit in the previous fiscal year, then that client cannot be audited


What are the responsibilities of the audit committee, as determined by SOX?

They appoint and oversee the external auditor
-includes handling disagreements between management and the external auditor and permitting nonaudit services


When does the PCAOB require the auditor to complete his final audit file?

Within 45 days of the report release date


How long does the PCAOB require workpapers to be retained?

7 years from the report release date


What is an engagement completion document?

A document required by the PCAOB to include all significant findings or issues in an external audit of a public firm


What is ICFR?

Internal Control over Financial Reporting


What is the auditor's objective in an audit of ICFR?

To express an opinion on ICFR's effectiveness for a given point in time and taken as a whole


In what way is an audit of ICFR more extensive than an ordinary audit for financial statements?

ICFR can have a material weakness even if financial statements are not materially misstated

This is because testing ICFR involves testing the effectiveness of controls over ALL relevant assertions


How do integrated audits of ICFR and financial statements reduce the auditor's work?

Tests of controls can be reduced somewhat by fulfilling two purposes at once, but substantive tests generally cannot


What should be an auditor's general strategy for conducting an audit of ICFR?

A top-down approach: first assessing financial statement-level controls, then entity-level controls, etc.


By what standard should an auditor evaluate the severity of a control deficiency?

By a "prudent official" standard: whether the detail and degree of assurance provided by the controls would satisfy a prudent official


What three things are accounting changes?

Changes in:
-accounting principle
-accounting estimates
-the reporting entity

Correction of errors in old financials is not an "accounting change"