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AVAs of Michigan

Lake Michigan Shore
Leelanau Peninsula
Old Mission Peninsula
Tip of the Mitt


AVAs of Virginia

Middleburg Virginia (1982)


North Fork of Roanoke

Northern Neck George Washington

Rocky Knob

Virginia's Eastern Shore


New 2016 AVAs (8)

Appalachian High Country (Shared between North Carolina, Tennesse, Virginia

Champlain Valley of New York

Lamorinda (Contra Costa)

Lewis-Clark Valley

Loess Hills District (Shared between Iowa and Missouri)

Los Olivos District (Santa Barbara)

Tip of the Mitt (Michigan)

Wilcox (Arizona)


AVAs of Texas

Bell Mountain
Escondido Valley
Fredericksburg (THC)
Mesilla Valley (mainly in New Mexico)
Texoma (includes parts of Oklahoma)
Texas David Mountains
Texas Hill Country
Texas High Plains-the largest concentration of grape growers in Texas


AVAs of Pennsylvania

Lancaster Valley

Lehigh Valley

Cumberland Valley (shared with Maryland)

Central Delaware Valley (shared with New Jersey)

Lake Erie (Shared with New York, Ohio)


What state(s) is Central Delaware Valley in?

New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


What state in the southeastern US has the most acres under vine?

Georgia (not counting Virginia)


What are the two largest producing states in the mid west United states?

Ohio and Missouri.


How does Michigan not suffer from the severity of the winters in the same way as Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakotas?

Protected by its Great Lakes.


Who is Elmer Swenson?

An amateur viticulturist for most of nine decades of life, Swenson created dozens of winter-hardy hybrids for the University of Minnesota, and his cuttings continue to see experimentation and commercialization in these High Plains states as well as Canada.


Where is vinifera production grown in Wisconsin?

Eastern Wisconsin and the Lake Wisconsin AVA.


Where are the best places to grow wine in the Southwest?

New Mexico and Arizona have warm, dry growing conditions resulting in short seasons and grapes that can lack flavour and phenolic ripeness. But, as with Colorado’s best vineyards, elevation seems to be the solution for both states.


What are the three main regions of Texas?

-North Central Region- runs acros the northern third of the state (excludes NE Texas)

-South-Eastern Region- Eastern third of Texas, around the cities of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, suffers from Pierce’s Disease and drought. Fine vinifera is found in TX Hill Country AVA, Bell Mt AVA, and Fredericksburg AVA(both inside TX Hill Country AVA)

-Trans-Pecos Region-High elevation vineyards amid arid mesas. Texas High Plains AVA is most notable.


What is Texas's biggest winery? Where?

Mesa Vineyards’ St Genevieve in Escondido Valley in the Trans-Pecos Region.


AVAs of 1981 (8)


Guenoc Valley-Lake County

McDowell Valley-Mendocino

Napa Valley

San Pasqual Valley- San Diego

Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Maria Valley

Sonoma Valley


What county are the following AVAs located in?

Anderson Valley
Alexander Valley
Kelsey Bench
Suisun Valley
Edna Valley

Anderson Valley-Mendocino
Alexander Valley-Sonoma
Kelsey Bench-Lake
Suisun Valley-Solano
Edna Valley-San Luis Obispo