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What are the 3 main segments of our business?

Why we are here
What we do
How er do it


What are the 5 parts of why we are here

Purpose- health and safety
Vision- trust and confidence of all
Mission- reduce offenders/crime/ victimization and increase community focus


Describe what makes up what do we do

Strategies....5 10...25...90
Opp. To prevent harm/ work with community collectively/collaboratively
4 strategies...prevention 1st turning tide safer roads wellness and safety


Describe prevention first

Triangle with circle in it. Circle is our people...off victim...staff.
3 cars triangle are mindset deploy beat to dd target drivers of dd


What makes up mindset in prevention first

Coc VIP needs victim trust proactive deal with offender phpf


What are drivers of demand

Family roads maori youth alcohol


Describe parts of how we do it

Partnerships.... iwi etc

Our people.....vvvhes.....values victim visible high perf equipped safe

Transformation programme pefwim
Phpf evidence frontline whanau iwi modern

Phpf....strategy....culture ( scui....supportive committed United independent a/c) .....leadership ( see and prl...set enable expect and principled reaspn leadshp) capable ( perf ske som) perf mgt