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The following has been a result of the growing demand on scarce resources and the pollution generated by the rising living standards of the affluent:

Ongoing environmental distress


The number of people living in slums and shanty towns:

Is rising


Many products and technologies that have gone into improving growth and development of the standard of life entail:

Large amounts of pollution


Developed countries account for _______% of the world’s population and are responsible for _______% of the world’s fat consumption.

26, 53


This is one threat to life support systems and results directly from increased resource use

the greenhouse effect


The loss of forests and other wild lands extinguishes species of plants and animals and eventually robs the future generations of:

genetic materials to improve crops


Poverty in countries has been exacerbated by all of the following except:

lack of education in farming practices


Which organizations have typically assumed responsibility for environmental matters?

organizations with little control over policies


Economic growth always brings:

risk of environmental damage


Expansion in population compromises:

natural resources


Poverty in countries has been exacerbated by

unequal distribution of land, rapid rise in population, growing demands for commercial use of land