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What is Buddhism?

Buddhism was started in the 5 century B.C. and has influenced most of the Far East in country’s such as China, Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand and Japan and is starting to influence other countries such as the UK and the USA


Who founded Buddhism?

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gotama


What are the three marks of existence?

The three marks of existence are : Anicca, Anatta and Dukkha. They are the three truths that apply to everyone - if you exist, then they apply to you


What is dependant arising?

The idea that everything is caused by something else. And that the universe is linked like a web.


How do you reach enlightenment / Buddha-hood?

You can achieve enlightenment by practicing the teachings of the Buddha. And, by developing wisdom, compassion and kindness.


What causes suffering?

Suffering is caused by craving (tanha) and the three poisons.


What are the three poisons?

The three poisons are GREED, HATRED and IGNORANCE.