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How much does the human brain weigh ?

About 1.3-1.4 kg


Explain the somatic nervous system ?

- it receives stimuli from the outside world
- controls skeletal muscle
- it's input receptors are present in the head, body wall and limbs
- voluntary control
- the cell bodies of motoneurons are in the CNS but axons in PNS


Explain the autonomic nervous system

- it is monitoring the internal environment
- receives inputs from receptors in viscera
- controls smooth muscle, cardia muscle and glands
- involuntary control


What does the brain and spinal cord originate from?

Neural tube


What is neurulation ?

Is he process by which the neural plates become the neural tube -22 days after conception

The neural groove develops in the neural plate, with the walls being the neural folds. The folds hen fuse dorsally creating the neural tube.


What does the mesoderm form around the neural tube?

It creates bulges called somites which create teh 33 vertebrae of the spinal cord


What is the forebrain divided into ?

- split into the telencephalon which forms the cerebral hemispheres
- it is also divided into optic cups
- also into the diencephalon which is divided into the thalamus and hypothalamus


What is the midbrain (mesencephalon) divided into?

- the mesencephalon is divided into the tectum and tegmentum


What is the hindbrain (rhombencephalon) divided into?

- it's divided into the metencephalon which is divided into the pons and cerebellum
- it's also divided into the myelencephalon which creates the medulla oblongata


What is the small core of the mesencephalon?

It is the cerebral aqueduct which is created when the 2 subdivisions of the mesencephalon (tectum and tegmentum) start to differentiate making the space between these two layers smaller and smaller
The cerebral aqueduct is filled with csf


How is the cerebellum formed ?

It is formed from he hindbrain
The rhombic lips fold around to form it


What is the function of the cerebrum ?

- organises motor control and processes sensory inputs
- e.g vision, smell, taste, memory, higher mental functions, emotions


What is the function of the cerebellum ?

- it's part of the hindbrain
- it's involved in planning and executing voluntary movements
- involved in maintaining balance in reflex movements
- also important in learning of movements


What is the function of the brainstorm ?

- it controls involuntary muscles
- important in controlling respiration, heart rate, blood pressure


What is the function of the hippocampus ?

It is part of the cerebrum which is involved in creating memories


What is the function of the pituitary gland ?

It is the endocrine control gland
It is involved in released many hormones


What is the function of the hypothalamus ?

It is involved in homeostatic regulation such as thirst, hunger, osmotic balance and control of the pituitary gland