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both authors look to critisise the nature of masculine power in society and the dire effects it had on its victims. yet in ozymadias the autocracy is overcom by the power of people comparitivley in my lust duchess that power remains infintley oppresive.


1st paragraph (similar)

  • both poets present the leaders in which we place our trust as frauds caught up in their own hype
  • ozymandias, there is a self inflicted sense of dramtic irony bcz the leader is so confident. it pathetic and funny. reflects how arrogance is a great leaders biggest kryptonite
  • also emphasised through my last duchess. enjabment, where the writer has lost control shows that he has lost control as well. becomes insecure and. “She thanked men, good!” ironic when you consider how the duke would react to someone laughing at him like that.
  • to conclude both reflect their distrust of the leaders we are faced with as arrogance has always been the downfall for every empire

2nd paragraph (different)

  • whilst ozymandias’ power is proven to be ephemeral, the dukes is further validated, contrasting their ability to cope with adversity
  • my last duchess “i gave command then all smiles stopped” use of iambic pentametre proves him to be an aristocratic character, and he overcomes adversity in his quest for further opression of all his servants, and therfore his people. word “stopped” represents contextual resistance
  • ozymandias power disintegrates. collossal wreck symbolises the downsize of his power similar to that of great empires. shortness of the sentence represents just how abrupt it actualy is. conveys the romantic poets belief in the power of people to cause social and political change.

3rd paragaph

  • whilst my last duchess is a message of warning to the audience, ozymandias has a resounding message of comfort and stability.
  • ozymandias “ye mighty and despair” great sense of irony bcz he is talking to himself, no one is listening, just like his empty threats not to be taken seriously. he should be the one to despair because his power is temporary.
  • my last duchess “the bow of cherys from some officious fool” enjambment contrasts to his resoundingly nice/passive aggressive nature at the start “wilt you please sit and look at her” shows that message is nice to begin with, once you give him control he will lose control. “fool” shows how he looks at you, trust should not be placed.