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What is a transverse wave?

The vibrations move up and down or from side to side. All electromagnetic waves are transverse.


What is a Longitudinal wave?

Vibrations travel along springs. The oscillations are parallel to the direction the waves direction in which the waves transfer energy.


What is the amplitude of a wave?

The maximum displacement of a point on the wave from its undisturbed position.


What is frequency?

The number of waves passing a fixed point every second. It is measured in hertz.


How do you find the period of the wave?

Period T (seconds, s) = 1/frequency f


What is the wave speed?

The speed of the waves is the distance travelled by each wave every second through a medium


How do you find wave speed?

Wave speed v = frequency f X wavelength


How do you find speed?

Speed = distance/time taken


How are sound waves caused?

Sound waves are caused by vibrating objects. These are passed through the surrounding medium as a series of compressions and rarefactions.


What happen to sound in solids?

They are converted to vibrations in the solid until it travels through.


What happens to sound waves when they travel through substances

The frequency does not change but the speed might depending on the substance it goes in.