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What can a force do?

  • Change the shape of an object
  • Change its state of rest
  • Change its motion


What is there always when there's two forces against each other?

They exert equal and opposite forces on one another.


What is the unit of forces?

Newtons (N)


What is the force that makes an object move known as?

An engine force or a motive force.


When forces are balanced, what happens to the speed?

It remains constant


When are forces balanced?

When they are of the same size and act in opposite directions of an object.


What is thinking distance?

When a driver sees something on the road it takes a short time to realise they need to stop. The distance travelled is the thinking distance.


What is braking distance?

Once the driver has started to break, the distance the car travels to stop is called the braking distance.


What is stopping distance?

The total distance (the sum of the thinking and braking distance)


What factors increase the brake time?

  • The speed
  • Quality of brakes
  • Tyres
  • Road surface
  • Weather conditions


What are the factors that will affect the driver's reaction time?

  • The speed
  • The mental state of the driver eg. drugs, sleep, careless attitude