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How are energy demands met?

Energy demands are met mostly by burning oil, coal and gas.


What is used as the fuel in a nuclear power station?

Uranium or plutonium is used as the fuel in a nuclear power station


Which releases more energy, uranium and plutonium or fossil fuels?

Much more energy is released per kilogram from uranium or plutonium than from fossil fuels.


What is a biofuel?

A biofuel is any fuel taken from living or recently living items. An example of a biofuel is animal waste. Biofuels are renewable sources of energy. Biofuels such as methane and ethanol can be used to generate electricity/


What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is an electricity generator on top of a tall tower.


How are hydroelectricity generators turned?

Hydroelectricity generators are turned by water running downhill.


How do waves generate electricity?

Waves generate electricity by turning a floating generator.


How does a tidal power station generate electricity?

A tidal power station traps each high tide and uses it to turn generators.


What are solar cells?

Solar cells are flat solid cells which use the sun's energy to generate electricity directly.


What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy comes from energy released by radioactive substances within the Earth.


What are solar heating panels?

Solar heating panels use the sunlight to heat water.


What is the difference between a solar cell panel and a solar heating panel?

A solar cell panel is when the sunlight is used to make electricity and a solar heating panel is when sunlight is used to heat water.


Why is water pumped into hot rocks underground?

Water is pumped into hot rocks underground as this produces steam to drive turbines at the Earth's surface to generate electricity.


What do fossil fuels produce?

Fossil fuels produce increased levels of greenhouse gases, which could cause global warming.