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What screening occurs at booking, for those women who choose to have it?

Blood tests: blood group, RhD status, FBC (?anaemia), Hb electrophoresis (SCA/Thal), infection (hep B, HIV, syphilis)

Urine dip and MC&S: proteinuria? Asymptomatic bacteriuria?


When is the dating scan, and what can it screen for?

12 weeks

Viability, gestation, multiple pregnancy (and chorionicity), nuchal translucency


What are the 3 elements of the ‘triple test’?

USS (for nuchal translucency)
Blood test for B-hCG and PAPP-A


During which weeks of gestation can the combined test be carried out?

11+0 - 13+6


At how many weeks is the anomaly scan?



What is looked for on the anomaly scan?

Structural anomalies
Placental location
Amniotic liquor volume
Gender and growth of foetus


If the placenta is low at the anomaly scan, when should a repeat scan be offered?



When is the first GP review during pregnancy, and which women should attend?

25 weeks - only those who are nulliparous


When is the OGTT if indicated?



When is the first dose of anti-D prophylaxis given to women who are RhD negative?

28 weeks


At how many weeks gestation is ECV offered to women with an uncomplicated singleton breech pregnancy?



Recall the frequency and start date of serial growth scans in mothers with pre-existing hypertension

Scans at 28w, 32w and 36w


How often is BP measured in mothers with pre-existing hypertension?

Weekly if poorly-controlled
Every 2-4 weeks if well-controlled


Recall the timeline of BP monitoring post-partum in mothers with pre-existing hypertension

Day 1
Day 2
Once on day 3-5
F/U with GP at 2w


What extra scans are done in women with CMV infection?

USS every 2w from diagnosis
Foetal MRI at 28w


What extra scans do women with pre-existing gestational diabetes mellitus have?

Foetal cardiac scan at 20w
Serial growth scans at 28w, 32w and 36w


Recall the timeline of screening for complications of diabetes mellitus in women with pre-existing diabetes?

Retinal and renal screening at booking
If abnormal: repeat at 16w
If normal: repeat at 28w


What extra visits will mothers with epilepsy have?

Obs med clinic every 2w

Serial growth scans at 28w, 32w and 36w


In severe gestational hypertension (BP >160/110), how often should BP be measured on the ward?

EVery 15-30 mins


How often should a urine dip be performed in gestational hypertension?

Once or twice a week in moderate HTN

Daily whilst admitted


What extra blood tests are done in gestational hypertension?

Weekly FBC, LFT and U&E


What extra scans do women with gestational hypertension have?

US foetal surveillance every 2w


Recall the timeline of obs med appointments for women with pre-existing cardiac disease

Every 2w until 24w, weekly thereafter


When are maternal echocardiograms performed in women with pre-existing cardiac disease?

1. Booking
2. 28w


What extra scans do women with pre-existing cardiac disease have during pregnancy?

Specialist foetal cardiac scan at 22w (nb this is at 20w in pre-existing DM)


Recall the extra monitoring given to mothers who are HIV+

Joint obs med clinic every 2w
Viral load every 2w, at 36w and delivery


Recall all of the extra monitoring offered to women with multiple pregnancies

FBC at 20-24w

Regular BP monitoring (increased risk of eclampsia)

OGTT at 28w (at higher risk)

TTTS monitoring/ growth scans:
- every 2w starting at 16w for MCDA twins
- every 4w starting at 20w for DCDA twins


What extra monitoring is done in obstetric cholestasis?

Weekly LFTs
Doppler and CTG every 2w


Recall the timeline of scans in suspected placenta praevia

If detected at 20w, rescan at 32w
If still low, rescan at 36w
If still low at 36w, offer C section


Recall the schedule of extra monitoring in PPROM

Admit until 28w
After 28w, monitor 3 times/week for signs of chorioamnionitis


What extra monitoring is available for mothers whose foetus is SGA?

SFH at booking and at every antenatal appointment (for everyone)

If appears SGA, confirm this with foetal biometry at 20w

If confirmed SGA, do uterine artery doppler at 20-24w

If abnormal, serial scans weekly from 26w onwards


Recall the timeline of TFTs in women with pre-existing thyroid disease in pregnancy

Every 2 weeks at obs med clinic to ensure euthyroidism

Postnatally, 6w check with GP