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What is pain?

‘an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or, described in terms of such damage’


What is the perception of pain?

Psychological factors
Cultural factors: no noise
Social factors
Progress in labour: communicate with woman
Support in labour (Hodnett E): constant support


What are the fibres?

A-beta fibres large diameter fibres that carry sensations of pressure and temperature

C fibres transmit pain sensations and A-delta fibres small diameter fibre


What is the natural pain relief released in our body?



How do we measure pain?

Visual analogue scale
Mc Gill pain questionnaire: how will this enhance pain score - more accurate
Always ask how severe the pain is. Ask twice once when they are in a lot of pain and then once given medication ask again to see if the medication has worked


What is the gate control theory?

Melzack and Wall
Non painful input blocks the gates to painful then prevents the sensation of pain from travelling to the CNS