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What does LMP stand for?

Last Menstrual Period


What does EDD stand for?

Estimated Date of Delivery


How is gestational age and EDD by LMP calculated?

Gestational age by LMP is calculated from the first day of your last period. And to find the EDD 280 days is added to the LMP.


How accurate is the ultrasound scan in calculating EDD?

The ultrasound scan is +/- 2,3 days accurate.


How can you plot the centile chart?

Head circumference, length and birth weight against gestational age


What is the optimal centile?

50th centile


What is the physical examination of the neonate used for?

It is helpful to meet neonates needs if the dates of a pregnancy are uncertain.


When is the physical examination done?

The first 2 hours after birth.


When is a neonate post-term

At 42 weeks


When is a neonate term?

At 37 weeks


What does the physical examination examine?

- Skin texture
- Ear cartilage
- Breast tissue
- Male and female genitalia
- Hands and feet


What can lanugo say about the maturity of a neonate?

Lanugo is the soft baby hair on their back
- it is absent when the baby is immature
- it is visible if the baby is mature
- it disappears post maturity


What can the ear cartilage and breast tissue say about the maturity of a neonate?

the amount of cartilage and stiffness of the ear tissue
thickness and size of the areola


What does the midwife look for when examining the male or female genitalia?

Female: size of clitoris and labia --> if the labia majora is covering the labia minora

Male: if the testes have descended and appearance of scrotum.


What can the hands and feet say about the maturity of a neonate?

Plantar creases located on the feet range from absent to covering the entire foot depending on maturity.