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What is palliative care?

Relief of physical, psychological, spiritual and social suffering
Can be initiated at any point in illness
Are not forgoing treatment just want to relieve the pain
Expected prognosis greater than 6 MONTHS


In regards to stress, there is direct and indirect ways to relieve stress. what is another term for indirect way to relieve stress?

Palliate the stress
(example: you go run 10 miles due to a stressful day at work)


What is hospice?

When cure is not possible
provide palliative care for terminally ill patients
expected survival of less than 6 MONTHS
Forgo disease directed therapies


What does SPIKES mean in regards to giving patients bad news? (not really that important)

S: setting up the interview
P: perception of the patient
I: invitation
K: knowledge
E: emotions/empathy
S: Strategy/Summary


When it comes to giving a prognosis, always ask the patient what?

what they want to know


Less than what percent of cardiac arrest victim survive to hospital discharge?



Surrogates need to think in terms of what ??

the patient would want (not what they want for the patient)


Moderate and severe pain requires combination of what?

scheduled pain medicine and prn dosing


For patients with chronic stress what about direct and palliative options, do you reverse the effects?

no, you still have chronic stress


What is grief?

emotional response to a loss


What is anticipatory grief?

family adjusts to idea of life without loved one


What is complicated grief?

purposelessness, disbelief, emotional detachment


What is impairment in terms of doctors?

Inability of a licensee to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety


What is the most common abused substance?

Alcohol abuse equal to general population
opiate addiction and other prescription drugs are over represented in MDs


MDs have elevated rate of suicide compared to general population. Unlike general population where more men than women complete suicide, among MDs, what is it?

roughly equal


What is sexual harassment?

Unwanted and repeated verbal or physical advances, derogatory statements or sexually explicit remarks, sexually discriminating comments


Does physical illness limit MD from practicing?

of course not
(unless you have something like parkinson or MS)


What are some examples of misconduct?

Misprescribing controlled substances
Sexual boundary violations


What is a disruptive physician

personal conduct whether verbal or physical, that negatively affects or that potentially may negatively affect patient care