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What is the main purpose of a newspaper article?

to inform

usually about current affairs and other topics of interest


How do newspaper articles present issues?

  • directly report news
  • convey facts about a story or themem using:
    • unemotional tone
    • sophisticated style
    • this makes the information seem accurate and reliable 



What are the different types of newspaper articles? How do they differ?

 these offer the viewpoint of a writer

  • commentaries 
  • columns 
  • editorials 
  • or opinion pieces



What are the other purpose of a commentary?

entertain as well as inform 

engage with the personality of the reader


WHat are two techniques the writer uses to engage the audience in a commentary?

  • personal tone
    • conversational style to help convey the writer's opinion and personality
    • e.g. colloquial words and sarcasm
  • rhetorical techniques 
    • encourage the readers to agree with the writer
    • helps get the writers opinions across more forcefully


What are the layout features of newspaper, what is the purpose of them?

  • headline
    • briefly informs the reader what the article is about
    • need to capture the audience's interest so that they carry on reading the article
  • strapline
    • short statements that expands on the headline
    • they try to hook the reader, after the headline grabs their initial interest
  • subeadings
    • divide the article up 
    • briefly tells you what the next section of text is about
    • often in a humorous or interesting way
  • articles often start with a short paragraph that gives an overview of the story or the theme




What are the two types of newcspaper? How do their audiences differ?

  • tabloid
    • focus on more sensational stories
    • making their news stories accessible and with a wode appeal
  • broadsheets
    • thought as more formal 'high brow' journalism
    • focusing on what are though to be more sophisticated topics


make sure you adapt your tone, style and register for the audience given in the question