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What is an effective way to begin the story?

written to entertain

  • therefore starting in the middle of action attracts the readers attention
    • creates a fast paced atmosphere
  • also a depiction of a particularly unusual character
  • direct adress to the reader


How should sentances be used?

  • short sentances - mimic fast pace of events
  • complex sentances - offer detailed descripting
    • also used to show a shift in attitude or events



Why should figurative language be used?

  • helps the reader imagine the writers feelings



How should the action develop?

  • prolonging the mystery
    • create tension
    • make sure the mystery is revealed to avoid confusion
  • don't waffle on



WHat are some ideas for an effective ending?

  • finish with an unexpected plot twist that will shock the reader
  • show the main character coming to some kind of realisation
  • could create a cliffhanger ending by finishing with a question
    • leave the reader thinking about what will happen next
  • neat, happy ending to satisfy the reader