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I now must change....revolt, And disobedience

I now must change [ 5 ]
Those Notes to Tragic; foul distrust, ....revolt,
And disobedience:


Heaven Now alienated...judgement given

Now alienated, distance and distaste,
Anger and just rebuke, and judgement giv'n,


Of my Celestial unpremeditated Verse

Of my Celestial Patroness, who.... inspires
Easie my unpremeditated Verse:


The space of ... rode With darkness,

The space of seven continu'd Nights he rode
With darkness,


Rose up a fountain....then sought Where to lie hid

Rose up a Fountain by the Tree of Life;
In with the River sunk, and with it rose
Satan involv'd in rising Mist, then sought [ 75 ]
Where to lie hid;


thus... narrow search

the Orb he roam'd
With narrow search;


The serpent...the Field

The Serpent suttlest Beast of all the Field.


O Earth, how like to Heaven....after better worse would build?

O Earth, how like to Heav'n, if not preferr'd
For what God after better worse would build?


Of Growth, Sense, Reason...Of Hill, and Vallie, Rivers, Woods and Plaines

Of Growth, Sense, Reason, all summ'd up in Man.... [ 115 ]
Of Hill, and Vallie, Rivers, Woods and Plaines,


the more I see pleasures....hateful siege of Of contraries

the more I see
Pleasures about me, so much more I feel [ 120 ]
Torment within me, as from the hateful siege
Of contraries;


good to me becomes...would be my state

good to me becomes
Bane, and in Heav'n much worse would be my state.


neither here seek I...mastering Heavens Supreme

neither here seek I, no nor in Heav'n
To dwell, unless by maistring Heav'ns Supreame; [ 125 ]


For only in...ease

For onely in destroying I find ease


In one day to have...long Before been contriving

in one day to have marr'd
What he Almightie styl'd, six Nights and Days
Continu'd making, and who knows how long
Before had bin contriving,


I in one Night freed...hald Th'Angelic Name

I in one Night freed [ 140 ]
From servitude inglorious welnigh half
Th' Angelic Name,


The serpent sleeping....and the dark intent I bring

The Serpent sleeping, in whose mazie foulds
To hide me, and the dark intent I bring.


O foul descent!...and mixed with bestial slime

O foul descent! that I who erst contended
With Gods to sit the highest, am now constraind
Into a Beast, and mixt with bestial slime, [ 165 ]


But what will not Ambition....high he soared

But what will not Ambition and Revenge
Descend to? who aspires must down as low
As high he soard...


Revenge, as first...self recoiles

Revenge, at first though sweet,
Bitter ere long back on it self recoiles;


The Serpent: him fast sleeping...with suttle wiles

The Serpent: him fast sleeping soon he found
In Labyrinth of many a round self-rowld,
His head the midst, well stor'd with suttle wiles:


The Devil enterd...With act intelligential

The Devil enterd, and his brutal sense,
In heart or head, possessing soon inspir'd
With act intelligential


sacred Light began...And joind their vocal Worship

sacred Light began to dawne
...humid Flours, that breathd
Thir morning incense, ...
From th' Earths great Altar send up silent praise [ 195 ]
To the Creator, and his Nostrils fill
With grateful Smell,....human pair....joind thir vocal Worship


till more hands Aid...our labour grows

till more hands
Aid us, the work under our labour grows,


Let us divide our labours...where most needs

Let us divide our labours, thou where choice
Leads thee, or where most needs [ 215 ]


Sole Eve, Associate sole...Creatures deare

Sole Eve, Associate sole, to me beyond
Compare above all living Creatures deare,


for nothing lovelier can be found...Husband to promote

for nothing lovelier can be found
In Woman, then to studie houshold good,
And good workes in her Husband to promote.


not so strictly....we need Refreshment

not so strictly hath our Lord impos'd [ 235 ]
Labour, as to debarr us when we need


For not to irksom toile...delight to Reason joyn'd

For not to irksom toile, but to delight
He made us, and delight to Reason joyn'd.


other doubt possesses....sever'd from me

other doubt possesses me, least harm
Befall thee sever'd from me


The Wife, where danger....or with her the worst endures

The Wife, where danger or dishonour lurks,
Safest and seemliest by her Husband staies,
Who guards her, or with her the worst endures.


But that thou shouldst my firmness...I expected not to hear

But that thou shouldst my firmness therfore doubt
To God or thee, because we have a foe [ 280 ]
May tempt it, I expected not to hear.


His violence thou fear'st....or can repell

His violence thou fear'st not, being such,
As wee, not capable of death or paine,
Can either not receave, or can repell.


Not diffident of thee do I....intended by our Foe

Not diffident of thee do I dissuade
Thy absence from my sight, but to avoid
Th' attempt itself, intended by our Foe. [ 295 ]


I from the influence of...more watchful, stronger

I from the influence of thy looks receave
Access in every Vertue, in thy sight [ 310 ]
More wise, more watchful, stronger,


If this be our condition...fear of harm?

If this be our condition, thus to dwell
In narrow circuit strait'nd by a Foe... How are we happie, still in fear of harm?


And what is Faith...exterior help sustained?

And what is Faith, Love, Vertue unassaid [ 335 ]
Alone, without exterior help sustaind?


O Woman, best are...Nothing imperfect or deficient left

O Woman, best are all things as the will
Of God ordain'd them, his creating hand
Nothing imperfet or deficient left [ 345 ]


But God left free the Will...Reason he made right

But God left free the Will, for what obeyes
Reason, is free, and Reason he made right


But bid her well beware...and misinforme the Will

But bid her well beware, and still erect,
Least by some faire appeering good surpris'd
She dictate false, and misinforme the Will [ 355 ]


SO spake the Patriarch....though last, repli'd

So spake the Patriarch of Mankinde, but Eve
Persisted, yet submiss, though last, repli'd.


So bent, the more shall...Soft she withdrew

So bent, the more shall shame him his repulse.
Thus saying, from her Husbands hand her hand [ 385 ]
Soft she withdrew


Eye pursu'd Delighted, she to him as oft engag'd

Eye pursu'd
Delighted, but desiring more her stay.
Oft he to her his charge of quick returne
Repeated, shee to him as oft engag'd [ 400 ]


O much deceav'd....event peverse!

O much deceav'd, much failing, hapless Eve,
Of thy presum'd return! event perverse! [ 405 ]


And on his Quest...his purposd prey

And on his Quest, where likeliest he might finde
The onely two of Mankinde, but in them [ 415 ]
The whole included Race, his purposd prey.


Stupidly good....of envie, of revenge

Stupidly good, of enmitie disarm'd, [ 465 ]
Of guile, of hate, of envie, of revenge;


But the holt Hell...he recollects

But the hot Hell that alwayes in him burnes,
...Fierce hate he recollects,


Behold alone the woman, opportune to all attempts...Foe not informidable

behold alone [ 480 ]
The Woman, opportune to all attempts,
Her Husband, for I view far round, not nigh,
Whose higher intellectual more I shun...Foe not informidable,


Fold above fold .....of verdant gold

Fould above fould a surging Maze, his Head
Crested aloft, and Carbuncle his Eyes; [ 500 ]
With burnisht Neck of verdant Gold,


Oft he bowed...the ground whereon she trod

Oft he bowd
His turret Crest, and sleek enamel'd Neck, [ 525 ]
Fawning, and lick'd the ground whereon she trod.


Fairest resemblance of thy Maker faire....Beautie adore

Fairest resemblance of thy Maker faire,
Thee all things living gaze on, all things thine
By gift, and thy Celestial Beautie adore [ 540 ]


In this enclosure wild, these man except

In this enclosure wild, these Beasts among,
Beholders rude, and shallow to discerne
Half what in thee is fair, one man except, [ 545 ]


who shouldst be seen A Goddess....the daily train

who shouldst be seen
A Goddess among Gods, ador'd and serv'd
By Angels numberless, thy daily Train.


Language of Man pronounc't.....and human sense exprest?

Language of Man pronounc't
By Tongue of Brute, and human sense exprest?


Redouble then this miracle, and say,...that daily are in sight?

Redouble then this miracle, and say,
How cam'st thou speakable of mute, and how
To me so friendly grown above the rest
Of brutal kind, that daily are in sight? [ 565 ]


Empress of this fair World....thou shouldst be obeyd

Empress of this fair World, resplendent Eve,
Easie to mee it is to tell thee all
What thou commandst and right thou shouldst be obeyd: [ 570 ]


Strange alteration in me....Powers, and speech

Strange alteration in me, to degree
Of Reason in my inward Powers, and Speech [ 600 ]


So talk'd the spirited sly Snake...The vertue of the fruit, in thee first prov'd

So talk'd the spirited sly Snake; and Eve
Yet more amaz'd unwarie thus reply'd.
Serpent, thy overpraising leaves in doubt [ 615 ]
The vertue of that Fruit, in thee first prov'd:


.I can bring thee...swiftly round in tangles

I can bring thee thither soon. [ 630 ]
Lead then, said Eve. Hee leading swiftly rowld
In tangles,


some evil Spirit...swallow'd up and lost, from succour farr.

some evil Spirit attends
Hovering and blazing with delusive Light,
Misleads th' amaz'd Night-wanderer from his way [ 640 ]
To Boggs and Mires, and oft through Pond or Poole,
There swallow'd up and lost, from succour farr.


But of this Tree we may not taste nor touch...or Reason is our Law

But of this Tree we may not taste nor touch;
... the rest, we live
Law to our selves, our Reason is our Law.


Indeed? Hath God then said that of the...declared of all in Earth or Air?

Indeed? hath God then said that of the Fruit
Of all these Garden Trees ye shall not eate,
Yet Lords declar'd of all in Earth or Aire?


As when of old some Orator...won audience ere the tongue

As when of old som Orator renound [ 670 ]
In Athens or free Rome, where Eloquence
Flourishd, since mute, to som great cause addrest,
Stood in himself collected, while each part,
Motion, each act won audience ere the tongue,


O sacred, Wise and...Mother of science

O Sacred, Wise, and Wisdom-giving Plant,
Mother of Science


Queen of this shall not die

Queen of this Universe, doe not believe
Those rigid threats of Death; ye shall not Die: [ 685 ]


look on me, me who have touched and tasted...ventring higher than my lot

look on mee,
Mee who have touch'd and tasted, yet both live,
And life more perfet have attaind then Fate
Meant mee, by ventring higher then my Lot. [ 690 ]


Shall that be shut...Beastls open?

Shall that be shut to Man, which to the Beast
Is open?


will God incense..petty trespass

will God incense his ire
For such a petty Trespass,


God therefore cannot...nor obey'd

God therefore cannot hurt ye, and be just; [ 700 ]
Not just, not God; not feard then, nor obeyd:


Why then was this...low and ignorant

Why then was this forbid? Why but to awe,
Why but to keep ye low and ignorant,


And what are Gods that...God like food?

And what are Gods that Man may not become
As they, participating God-like food?


and wherein lies...his will if all be his?

and wherein lies [ 725 ]
Th' offence, that Man should thus attain to know?
What can your knowledge hurt him, or this Tree
Impart against his will if all be his?


Goddess humane...and freely taste

Goddess humane, reach then, and freely taste.


Great are thy Vertues...and worthy to be admir'd

Great are thy Vertues, doubtless, best of Fruits. [ 745 ]
Though kept from Man, and worthy to be admir'd,


Whose taste, too long forborn....made for Speech to speak thy praise

Whose taste, too long forborn, at first assay
Gave elocution to the mute, and taught
The Tongue not made for Speech to speak thy praise:


his forbidding(...)thee more

his forbidding/
Commends thee more,


How dies'n and lives

How dies the Serpent? hee hath eat'n and lives,


to us deni'd...for beasts reserv'd

to us deni'd
This intellectual food, for beasts reserv'd?


Friendly to man, far...of Law or Penalty?

Friendly to man, farr from deceit or guile.
What fear I then, rather what know to feare
Under this ignorance of good and Evil,
Of God or Death, of Law or Penaltie?


what hinders then...both body and mind?

what hinders then
To reach, and feed at once both Bodie and Mind?


Her rash hand in evil...that all was lost

her rash hand in evil hour [ 780 ]
Forth reaching to the Fruit, she pluck'd, she eat:
Earth felt the wound,...


O sovreign...of operation blessed

O Sovran, vertuous, precious of all Trees [ 795 ]
In Paradise, of operation blest


shall I to him make known...Knowledge in my power

shall I to him make known
As yet my change, and give him to partake
Full happiness with mee, or rather not,
But keep the odds of Knowledge in my power [ 820 ]


In Femal Sex...more equal

In Femal Sex, the more to draw his Love,
And render me more equal


Confirm'd then I resolve...bliss or woe

Confirm'd then I resolve, [ 830 ]
Adam shall share with me in bliss or woe:


Adam the while...As Reapers oft are wont thir Harvest Queen

Adam the while
Waiting desirous her return, had wove
Of choicest Flours a Garland to adorne [ 840 ]
Her Tresses, and her rural labours crown,
As Reapers oft are wont thir Harvest Queen.


Yet oft his heart...faultring measure felt

Yet oft his heart, divine of somthing ill, [ 845 ]
Misgave him; hee the faultring measure felt;


This tree is not as we...but of divine effect

This Tree is not as we are told, a Tree
Of danger tasted, nor to evil unknown
Op'ning the way, but of Divine effect [ 865 ]


horror chill Ran through his veins...Speechless he stood and pale

horror chill [ 890 ]
Ran through his veins, and all his joynts relax'd;
From his slack hand the Garland wreath'd for Eve
Down drop'd, and all the faded Roses shed:
Speechless he stood and pale


How art thou to death devote

How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost, [ 900 ]
Defac't, deflourd, and now to Death devote?


And me with thee hath ruined...resolution is to die

And mee with thee hath ruind, for with thee
Certain my resolution is to Die;


Flesh of Flesh...bliss or woe

Flesh of Flesh,
Bone of my Bone thou art, and from thy State [ 915 ]
Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe.


Bold deed thou hast...peril great provok't

Bold deed thou hast presum'd, adventrous Eve
And peril great provok't,


perhaps the Facts...foretasted fruit

perhaps the Fact
Is not so hainous now, foretasted Fruit,


he yet he lives...Higer degree of Life

he yet lives,
Lives, as thou saidst, and gaines to live as Man
Higher degree of Life (A)


Nor can I think that God.... dignifi'd so high

Nor can I think that God, Creator wise,
Though threatning, will in earnest so destroy
Us his prime Creatures, dignifi'd so high, [ 940 ]


So forcible...The Bond of Nature draw me to my owne

So forcible within my heart I feel [ 955 ]
The Bond of Nature draw me to my owne,


O glorious trial...example high!

O glorious trial of exceeding Love,
Illustrious evidence, example high!


On my experience... Death deliver to the Windes

On my experience, Adam, freely taste,
And fear of Death deliver to the Windes.


With liberal hand....overcome with Femal charm

With liberal hand: he scrupl'd not to eat
Against his better knowledge, not deceav'd,
But fondly overcome with Femal charm.


Earth trembl'd from her the mortal SinOriginal

Earth trembl'd from her entrails, as again [ 1000 ]
In pangs, and Nature gave a second groan,
Skie lowr'd, and muttering Thunder, som sad drops
Wept at compleating of the mortal Sin


As with the new Wine intoxicated...them breeding wings

As with new Wine intoxicated both
They swim in mirth, and fansie that they feel
Divinitie within them breeding wings [ 1010 ]


in Lust they...dalliance move

in Lust they burne: [ 1015 ]
Till Adam thus 'gan Eve to dalliance move,


Soon found thir Eyes how op'nd...knowing ill, was gon

Soon found thir Eyes how op'nd, and thir minds
How dark'nd; innocence, that as a veile
Had shadow'd them from knowing ill, was gon


Much pleasure we have...delightful fruit

Much pleasure we have lost, while we abstain'd
From this delightful Fruit


Both Good and Evil...of honour void

Both Good and Evil, Good lost, and Evil got,
Bad Fruit of Knowledge, if this be to know,
Which leaves us naked thus, of Honour void,


How shall I behold the oft beheld?

How shall I behold the face [ 1080 ]
Henceforth of God or Angel, earst with joy
And rapture so oft beheld?


O might I here In solitude...To Starr or Sun-light

O might I here
In solitude live savage, in some glade [ 1085 ]
Obscur'd, where highest Woods impenetrable
To Starr or Sun-light,


Cover me ye Pines....where I may never see them more

Cover me ye Pines,
Ye Cedars, with innumerable boughs
Hide me, where I may never see them more. [ 1090 ]


Whould thou hadst heark'nd to my workds...Of all our good, sham'd, naked, miserable

Would thou hadst heark'nd to my words, and stai'd
With me, ....we had then
Remaind still happie, not as now, despoild
Of all our good, sham'd, naked, miserable.


But might as ill have happ'nd...speaking as he spake;

But might as ill have happ'nd thou being by,
Or to thy self perhaps: hadst thou been there,
Or here th' attempt, thou couldst not have discernd
Fraud in the Serpent, speaking as he spake;


Being as I am, why....Going into such danger as thou saidst?

Being as I am, why didst not thou the Head [ 1155 ]
Command me absolutely not to go,
Going into such danger as thou saidst?


Ingrateful Eve...cause Of thy transgressing?

ingrateful Eve, exprest
Immutable when thou wert lost, not I, [ 1165 ]
Who might have liv'd and joyd immortal bliss,
Yet willingly chose rather Death with thee:
And am I now upbraided, as the cause
Of thy transgressing?


.I also err'd in overmuch admiring...but I rue (was wrong)

I also err'd in overmuch admiring
What seemd in thee so perfet, that I thought
No evil durst attempt thee, but I rue [ 1180 ]


restraint she will not brook...first his weak indulgence will accuse

restraint she will not brook,
And left to her self, if evil thence ensue, [ 1185 ]
Shee first his weak indulgence will accuse.


.This subject for Heroic....In battles feign'd

this Subject for Heroic Song [ 25 ]
Pleas'd me long choosing,....hitherto the onely Argument
Heroic deem'd, chief maistrie to dissect
With long and tedious havoc fabl'd Knights [ 30 ]
In Battels feign'd;


Thus they in mutual...appeer'd no end

Thus they in mutual accusation spent
The fruitless hours, but neither self-condemning,
And of thir vain contest appeer'd no end.