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In a multiple Lane roundabout, you should change lanes before or after entering?



True or false, if the head restraint is adjusted properly it should be behind the middle of the person's head



When a vehicle is equipped with airbags, the safest position for any child restraint is in the middle of the
A) rear seat
B) Front passenger seat
C) rear right seat

A) rear seat


Hand – over – Hand steering involves pushing the steering wheel down with one hand while your other hand _____over to pull the wheel farther down



True or false, the correct technique when backing up is to steer the car in the opposite direction that you want the back of the car to move



Your vehicles outside mirrors should be adjusted in a way that the _____ are reduced

Blind spot


_____ are designed to be used with safety belts



As you are about to enter the vehicle from the street side you should stand at the _______ of the vehicle to see approaching traffic
A) front
B) rear
C) side

A) Front


The purpose of a regulatory sign is to
A) Control the movement of traffic
B) Warn of hazards ahead
C) Give information about places of interest

A) Control the movement of traffic


A traffic light that has been green for some time is
A) Broken
B) Stale, and likely to turn yellow
C) Lucky

B) Stale, and likely to turn yellow


The two colors that are used for information and recreational signs are
A) Orange and black
B) Red and white
C) Blue and brown

C) Blue and brown


If you reproach and intersection without stop signs or signals, you should slow down and yield to pedestrians and other traffic that arrives at that intersection before you
True or false



An intersection that has signs or signals to sign the right-of-way is called a ______ intersection
A) Uncontrolled
B) marked
C) controlled

B) controlled


The speed limit for a mobile home park, or on some road adjacent to Parks is:
A) 15 mph
B) 25 mph
C) 45 mph

A) 15 mph


Solid white lines between lanes of traffic moving in the same direction:
A) are A visual aid
B) discourage lane changes
C) encourage passing at high risk locations

B) discourage lane changes


A school sign is yellow Green with_____sides



When approaching a railroad crossing that has gates lowered with signals flashing and bells ringing, you should stop and wait until the gates are____, the signals____flashing, And the bells stop ____

Raised, stop, ringing


The response to a flashing red traffic signal is the same as to a____with no other controls

Stop sign


Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in a residential area is____



When driving past vehicles parked on the right you should position your vehicle:
A) at least 6 feet away
B) within an arms length away
C) to the left portion of your lane

C) to the left portion of your lane


A flashing yellow arrow in the left turn lane:
A) allow drivers to slow down and turn if the intersection is clear
B) warns driver to stop, and then turn when oncoming traffic is clear
C) allows driver to turn left send oncoming traffic has a red light

A) allows drivers to slow down and turn if the intersection is clear