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What you did in school

o Played rugby in the seconds team, second row.
o Took up weightlifting as a hobby
o Involved in young enterprise which involved a team building weekend that culminated in a competition at the end against two other teams.
o Debate Society


Exams taken

 Chemistry – A*
 Biology - A
 Physics – A
 Geography – A
 History – A*
 English Literature – C
 English - B
 Statistics - B
 Mathematics - A
 Arabic – A*
 French – B
 ICT – C
 D&T - D

A Levels:
 English - A
 Economics - B
 Biology- B
 Chemistry - B

Degree - Biochem 2:1


Responsibilities and achievements

o Primary school teacher teaching Year 3s once a week
o Doc2Doctor teaching first years
o Webmaster for incision
o Got into medical school


Spare time activities

o Was part of cheerleading, came 1st in regionals and 3rd in nationals
o Powerlifting – competed in 3rd year of QM and in under 18 regionals in 2010. 4th in regionals. 7th in QM.
o Involved in audit work regarding MSK ankles.
o Advanced diver
o Enjoy skiing.
Ran a half marathon October last year.
Recently taken up squash


Travel opportunities

Went to China when I was 18 me and my younger brother:
 Stayed for a month, explored the country. Opportunity to demonstrate independence.
 Visited Beijing, guilin, yangshu, Chengdu, emeishan.
 Climbed a mountain (emeishan) which was a 3 day hike involved staying in temples with monks that didn’t speak English.

Spent a month travelling with a friend in Thailand and Vietnam:
 Highlights include - Saw the Cu chi tunnels in Saigon (Ho chi minh city), biking around Pai in the north of Thailand and seeing the Great White Buddha and Pai Canyon (big and deep), was in Bangkok during the time of the bombings (took place at Erawan Shrine)

Just came back from Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea:
 Visiting friends, sightseeing. Exploring new cultures and ideas.



o Volunteered in my college years at ARC (charity shop) helping to sort new items for sale, iron clothes, manning the till, helping elderly people carrying items around.
o Volunteered my time to train as a metropolitan special constable, unfortunately as I was finishing my training I took up medical training at Leicester and could no longer be a special constable. However it involved 6 months of giving up my Saturday to attend training, physical training, and tests to learn the law.



o Employed as HCA
o Also employed as e-mentor
o Employed as student ambassador at Leicester university and at queen mary


Leadership roles

Doc2doctor - Taught a group of 5 medical students in first and second year subjects. Answered any questions. Prepared questions and slides on topics not covered well in lectures or requiring more in depth knowledge. They all passed.

1st Year rep for medical school – Had to campaign against 15 other candidates. Was responsible for keeping 200+ students in the know about LUSUMA, organising and selling event tickets, gave student feedback to LUSUMA. Implemented a system where the 1st year rep worked for both grads and undergrads as before they only catered to undergrads.

China trip with brother.


What do you know about EMUAS?

Experience life as officer
Adventure training, eg rock climbing and scuba diving, and flying experience. Use Grob 115E tutors.
Sports is a big part
Social events and Charity work.
Flies out of Cranwell with meetings in Nottingham