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Motivation to join?

o Pride
o Education and training – trained to highest standards and opportunities for masters and language learning.
o Sports and fitness – play a big part of my life and id love the opportunity to continue that as part of my scheduled training in the RAF.
o Adventurous training
o High doctor:pt ratio. Sense of being part of a very professional team in the RAF.
o Interested in RAF due to ability to study about aviation medicine as well as completing a masters in aviation medicine.


Why not army or navy?

Army has timetabled training, RAF has individually timetabled training. More autonomy in fitness training.

Primarily interested in effects of aviation on human physiology and using this to ensure the health and safety of all flight passengers.

Also RAF has tours of 4-6 months where as army and navy have 6 months standard.


Challenges of RAF

o 12 year sign up – will be 40 when I leave
o Away from home
o Additional duties – e.g. public relations, orderly officer
o On call 24 hrs
o Nomadic lifestyle
o Security – Woolwich incident with lee Rigby.
o Discipline


What is a commission

Number of years service expected from you when you sign up to the RAF.


What qualities do you think were looking for?

o Maturity
o Sense of responsibility
o Self confidence
o Excellent communication
o Leadership
o Academic ability
o Fitness
o Motivated
o Physical courage



What qualities do you bring and how have you shown them?

o Maturity, responsibility, and leadership – 18 went to China for a month with a younger sibling. 1st year rep and doc2doctor.
o Fitness – Been part of cheerleading and weightlifting competition. And ran a half marathon.
o Communication and academia – every medical student is an excellent communicator by the very nature of our course and what it entails.
o Physical courage – attended a beginner course in rock-climbing, not a fan of heights.


What areas for development do you have?

o I hate wasting time and so can become very impatient. However, in situations where wasting time is unavoidable I have learned to try and make the best of a bad situation or make it a good situation. Can take a time out. Use the ward rounds as an example.
o However, I recognise that I can always improve on everything and so constantly seek to better myself.


Initial officer training. Give info on SERE + afterwards

Start with Specialist Entrant and Re-entrant SERE course at Cranwell, 13 week course. Course involves fitness training, military and weapons training, academic study, and leadership challenges. Pass the SERE by completing exercise VITAL EDGE and DECISIVE EDGE at weeks 7 and 8 respectively.
 13 week course due to inclusion of BAW (basic air warfare)
 Induction week – intro to course and skills needed
 Weeks 1 and 2 – Leadership skills, military skills, service knowledge
 Week 3 to 6 – ACTIVE EDGE exercise, more leadership training, MIL AID exercise
 Weeks 7 to 10 – VITAL EDGE and DECISIVE EDGE. Tests all the skills you’ve learnt thus far.
 Then BAW and graduation after.

Then 2 week course about medicine in RAF at the Defence Medical Services Training

Then a course at the Centre of Aviation medicine at Henlow – Learn here about illness and medication on ability of staff to work onboard aircraft, aircrew life support, and human factors in aviation


Branch youve applied for?

o RAF medical services
o Involves pre hospital EM (role 1), Aeromedical evac (role 2 using Chinook and Merlin), primary healthcare (role 3 using Hercules), secondary healthcare back in UK (role 4 using voyager, Atlas, globemaster)


Role of RAF

 Protect UK and her interests 24/7
 Provide Nation with choice in times of crisis
 Maximise return on public investments


Role of NATO. Is it still relevant today? Last 2 countries to join? Formed when and why?

 UK founder member with 28 members in total
 Intergovernmental military alliance where attack by external party of any member state means mutual defence.
 Created originally in 1949 to prevent further communist expansion.
 Albania and Croatia last 2 to join in 2009

Is it still relevant today?
• Yes, necessary against expansionist Russia and the threat of ISIS or other terrorist organisations
• Even still, better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.
• However, may need modernisation as only 5 of the 28 members states spent at least 2% of GDP on defense


Define airpower and its components

o Definition – Ability to project power from the air and space to influence behaviour of people or the course of events
o Components:
 Speed – Rapid arrival of aircraft provides visible sign of presence and intent
 Height – Air power is less vulnerable to enemy fire
 Reach – Operations Can be conducted from a long distance


How does RAF protect UK

o Control of Air and Space
o Air mobility and Lift
o Intelligence and Situational awareness
o Attack


State 6 UK bases of RAF what do they contain

Henlow for training - centre of aviation medicine
Brize Norton for Air transport
Marham - Tornado home
Benson - Merlin and Puma helicopters
Kinloss for Nimrod


State the overseas bases and why they are there

Mount pleasant (falklands)
• Fighter and transport presence following Falklands war

• Contributes to maintenance of British Sovereignty of gibraltar

ascension island
• Staging airfield for the Falkland Islands
• Refuelling point

Akoriti (Cyprus)
• Supports ops in Afghanistan to support gov against ISIS in Afghanistan
• Used as forward mounting base for ops in Middle East
• Fast Jet training


What is your attitude to armed conflict?

o An unfortunate consequence of life when 2 opposing sides clash and there is a failure of a compromise to be met BUT ONLY if all other means have been attempted or necessary to attempt something worse.
o However, during time of armed conflicts technology progresses at incredible rates which benefits all mankind.


What are the current ops?

o Afghanistan – Creating safe and secure environment in Kabul. Originally there post 9/11 to destroy Al Qaeda.
o Falklands – Guards over Falklands
o Expeditionary Air Group – RAF HQ for Middle East and Afghanistan
o Iraq – small number of personnel to provide support to remaining British forces and finalise drawdown.
o Libya – defend civilians from Gaddafi Loyalists
o UK Air Defence


Training pathway?

Attestation to IBC to FY 1 and 2 to SERE to Specialty training


Give 6 aircrafts and their roles

o Hercules – transport and airdrop support. Based in RAF Brize Norton
o A400 – medical evac, aerial refuelling, replaces Hercules in transport.
o Merlin – multipurpose heli
o C17 Globemaster – Long range strategic heavy lift transport aicraft
o Chinook – multipurpose helicopter, troops, resupply, casualty evac. Search and Rescue
o Seaking – search and rescue for falklands and UK.


How do you keep up to date with current affairs?

o BBC news
o The Week
o Reddit
o Talking to friends and family


What is CCAST

o Critical Care air support team training – teaches about specialist equipment and CCAST AE mission processes. Also conducts hemofiltration training.


What is MERT

o Medical Emergency Response Team Training – Assess suitability to deploy in role of a MERT and provides initial exposure to role of MERT in rotary aviation environment.


What is DART

o Deployable Aeromedical Response Team – provides initial RAF medical footprint in support of ops and exercises worldwide.


What is ISTAR

o surveillance and recon
o Information, surveillance, target acquisition, recon


What is RAF history and first CO of cranwell?

o Formed in 1918 at end of WW1
o An independent air service was formed due to WW1, the first war in which air power made a big impact.
o First CO of cranwell - Commodore Godfrey M. Paine


What happens in OASC?

o 2 days.
o First day is leadership tests and exercises
o Second day is an interview and fitness test


Give the outline of what you have to do to start training

Filter interview then medical assessment then specialist interview then OASC then familiarisation visit then provisional offer then enter service


Current affairs

Hinkley, grammar schools, junior doctor 4 yr mandatory training, Keith vazs sex life, Apple paying tax in ireland


Talk about Hinkley

• Good source of clean electricity.
• Paid for by foreign investors and not gov
• More jobs


Talk about grammar schools

• They aid social mobility by allowing bright children from poorer homes to attend high quality schools
• Selection by house price rather than ability is already a thing
• Single sex allows the tailoring of teaching to that gender