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Describe Fairies.

Gentle, 6 Inch Tall, Human Like Creatures With Small, Clear Wings And Magic.

1) Produce magic to control the weather, plants, etc.
2) Eat small berries
3) Make things with what they have, such as their clothes is made of flower petals or feathers
4) Would never hurt living things


Describe Unicorns.

Beautiful Horned Horses. 🦄🦄🦄

1) Horn grows up to 12 inches
2) Eat hay, straw, or other grasses
3) Produce magic from tip of horn
4) Many magical properties such as the blood or horn


Describe Pegusi.

Beautiful Winged Horses.

1) Eat hay, straw, or other dry grasses
2) Fly as fast as some dragons
3) Wing span up to 11 ft. wide


Describe Alocorns.

Half Unicorn; Half Pegasus Creatures.

1) Very powerful magic
2) Have a horn and wings
3) Larger than unicorns/pegusi
4) Eat hay, straw or other dry grasses


Describe Phoenixes.

Magnificent Red, Orange, And Gold Birds.

1) Sometimes known as the Fire Bird
2) Eat small rodents
3) Have the ability to disappear and reappear at will
4) When it is time to die, they burst into flames and are born again from the ashes
5) Can only die permanently if killed


Describe Mermaids.

Beautiful Water Maidens With A Tail Instead Of Legs.

1) Breathe underwater
2) Eat things in the water
3) Beautiful voices
4) Can calm almost anything by singing


Describe Griffons.

Half Eagle; Half Lion Creatures.

1) Has the head, front legs, and wings of an eagle and the back of a lion
2) Eat small rodents
3) Closely related to the hippogriff
4) Very greedy and vicious creatures


Describe Thestrals.

Bonney, Black, Winged Horses Which Represent Death.

1) Can only be seen by those who have seen someone die
2) Can fly
3) Make loud screeching noises for communication
4) Eat small rodents


Describe Satyrs.

Half Human; Half Goat Creatures.

1) Have the torso of a human and the legs of a goat
2) 2 legs
3) Can talk to animals
4) Talk English or other languages


Describe 3-Headed-Dogs.

3-Headed Rottweiler.

1) Most common one is Cerberus, the guard dog of the Underworld
2) Vicious but can be calmed
3) Eat meat
4) Black
5) Cute in a terrifying way


Describe Minotaurs.

Half Man; Half Bull Creatures.

1) Bull on 2 legs with human hands and chest
2) Very aggressive


Describe Hippogriffs.

Half Eagle; Half Horse Creatures.

1) Have the head, front legs, and wings of an eagle and the back of a horse
2) Eat small rodents
3) Closely related to the griffon
4) Gentle creatures


Describe Manticores (Magical Version).

Lions With Wings.

1) Has either leathery, bat like wings or feathered, bird like wings
2) Eats meat
3) Leathery, spiky tail


Describe Manticores (Mythical Version).

Lion with a human face.

1) Has leathery spiky tail.
2) Eat meat


Describe Dragons.

Giant Lizard-Like Creatures With Wings And Breathe Fire. 🐉🐉🐉🐲🐲🐲

1) Many species
2) Not all breathe fire
3) Eat meat
4) Can fly


Describe Centaurs.

Half Human; Half Horse Creatures

1) Eat plants and fruits
2) Skilled at archery
3) Has the torso of a man and the rest of a horse


Describe Manticores
(Mythical Version)

Lions with the face of a man and scorpion tail