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Think ____

“Outside the Box”


For most businesses, the threat to their intellectual assets and technical infrastructure comes from the ____ their organizations, trying to break in.

"bad guys” sitting outside


These organizations establish strong perimeter defenses, essentially ____

“boxing in” their assets.


However, ____ have access to proprietary information to do their jobs, and they often disseminate this information to areas where it is no longer under the control of the employer

internal employees


This dissemination of data is generally not performed with any malicious intent, simply for employees to have ___ to data so that they can perform their job responsibilities more efficiently.



This also becomes a problem when an employee leaves (or when a person still-employed loses something like a laptop with ___stored on it) and the organization and takes no steps to collect or control their _____ in the possession of their now ex-employee.

proprietary information


One of the most overlooked threats to intellectual property is the innocuous and now ubiquitous ___

USB Flash drive.


Because of the threat of portable data storage devices and handheld devices, it is important for an organization to establish policies outlining the _____ of these devices as well as implementing an enterprise-grade solution to control how, when, or if data can be copied to the

acceptable use


Another way that data leaves control of an organization is through the use of ____

online data storage sites