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Train Employees: _____

Develop a Culture of Security


One of the greatest security assets is a business’s own employees, but only if they have been properly trained to comply with ____and to identify potential security problems.

security policies


Many employees don’t understand the significance of various security policies and implementations. As men- tioned previously, they consider these policies nothing more than an _____.



Gaining the support and allegiance of employees takes time, but it is time well spent. Begin by carefully explaining the reasons behind any ____

security implementation.


One of the reasons could be ensuring employee _____, but focus primarily on the security issues.



File sharing using LimeWire and eMule might keep employees away from work, but they can also open up holes in a ____.



Downloading and installing _____can install malicious software that can infect user systems, causing their computers to function slowly or not at all.

unapproved software


Identify and Utilize ____of the Operating System and Applications

Built-In Security Features


Many organizations and systems administrators state that they cannot create a secure organization because they have limited resources and simply do not have the funds to purchase robust security tools. This is a ridicu- lous approach to security because all operating systems and many applications include ____ that require no organizational resources other than time to identify and configure these tools.

security mechanisms


For Microsoft Windows operating systems, a terrific resource is the online Microsoft ____ Library.33 Under the Solutions Accelerators link you can find security guides for all recent Microsoft Windows operating systems. Figure 1.6 shows the table of contents for Windows 2008 Server.