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What are the privileges of holding an ATPL?

You may act as pilot or co-pilot of an aircraft.


What are the limitations of holding an ATPL?

- May only fly single-pilot IFR if passed flight test as single-pilot
- May only fly an approach if the aircraft is so equipped for the approach
- May only fly a circling approach if last check included a circling approach
- May only conduct a 3D approach if passed the flight for the licence in last 24 months or if recent flight check included a 3D approach
- May only fly an instrument approach procedure if trained and checked as competent to fly the instrument approach procedure.


What are the recency requirements for the ATPL?

- 3 approaches in last 90 days
- 1 approach in category of aircraft in last 90 days
- One 2D approach in last 90 days
- One 3D approach in last 90 days
- One azimuth guidance approach in last 90 days
- One CDI approach in last 90 days.