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Rule 1



These rules shall apply to ___ (Int'l)

All vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels


(Int'l) Nothing in these rules shall interfere with the operation of special rules made by an appropriate authority for ___

Roadsteads, harbors, rivers, lakes, or inland waterways connected with the high seas and navigable by seagoing vessels


Submarines may display, as a distinctive means of identification, ___

An intermittent flashing amber beacon with a sequence of one flash per second for 3 seconds followed by a 3 second off-period


Special rules made by the Secretary of the Navy are found in ___

32 CFR 706


(Inland) These rules apply to ___

All vessels upon the inland waters of the US, and to vessels of the US on Canadian waters of the Great Lakes to the extent that there is no conflict with Canadian Law


(Inland) The regulation in this subchapter have preemptive effect over ___

State or local regulation within the same field


Rule 2



Nothing in these rules shall exonerate any vessel, or the owner, master or crew thereof, from the consequences of any ___

Neglect to comply with these rules or of the neglect of any precaution which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen, or by the special circumstances of the case


In construing and complying with these rules due regard shall be had to all ___ which may make a departure from these rules necessary to avoid immediate danger

Dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances, including the limitations of the vessels involved


(Inland) The operator of each ___ shall carry, on board and maintain for ready reference, a copy of these rules

Self-propelled vessel 12 meters or more in length


Rule 3

General Definitions


Includes every description of water craft, including nondisplacement
craft, WIG craft and seaplanes, used or capable of being used as a
means of transportation on water.



Any vessel propelled by machinery

Power-driven vessel


Any vessel under sail provided that propelling machinery, if fitted, is not being used

Sailing vessel


Any vessel fishing with nets, lines,
trawls or other fishing apparatus which restrict maneuverability, but does not
include a vessel fishing with trolling lines or other fishing apparatus which do
not restrict maneuverability

Vessel engaged in fishing


Any aircraft designed to maneuver on the water



A vessel which through some
exceptional circumstance is unable to maneuver as required by these Rules and
is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel

Vessel not under command


A vessel which from
the nature of her work is restricted in her ability to maneuver as required by
these Rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel.

Vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver


The term vessels restricted in their ability to maneuver shall include but not be limited
to: ___ (6)

i) a vessel engaged in laying, servicing or picking up a navigation mark,
submarine cable or pipeline;
(ii) a vessel engaged in dredging, surveying or underwater operations;
(iii) a vessel engaged in replenishment or transferring persons, provisions
or cargo while underway;
(iv) a vessel engaged in the launching or recovery of aircraft;
(v) a vessel engaged in mine clearance operations;
(vi) a vessel engaged in a towing operation such as severely restricts the
towing vessel and her tow in their ability to deviate from their course


A power-driven vessel which,
because of her draft in relation to the available depth and width of navigable
water is severely restricted in her ability to deviate from the course she is

Vessel constrained by her draft


A vessel is not at anchor, or made fast to the shore, or aground



The words length and breadth of a vessel mean ___

Her length overall and greatest breadth


Vessels shall be deemed to be in sight of one another only when ___

One can be observed visually from the other


Any condition in which visibility is
restricted by fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms or any other
similar causes.

Restricted visibility


A multimodal craft which, in
its main operational mode, flies in close proximity to the surface by utilizing
surface-effect action.

Wing-In-Ground (WIG) craft


(Inland) The Mississippi River, its tributaries, South Pass, and
Southwest Pass, to the navigational demarcation lines dividing the high seas
from harbors, rivers, and other inland waters of the United States, and the Port
Allen-Morgan City Alternate Route, and that part of the Atchafalaya River
above its junction with the Port Allen-Morgan City Alternate Route including
the Old River and the Red River

Western Rivers