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Name three prominent Tea Partiers.

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Jim DeMint, Scott Brown, Christine O'Donnell, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz.


What is a RINO?

Republican In Name Only - a pejorative nickname given by hardliners to moderate Republicans.


The Main Street Partnership: of which party is it a strand, name a leading light and one issue it supported.

Reps; Susan Collins (from Maine: easy to remember), supported the Bipartisan Budget Act passed May 2017.


Roughly how many congressional members does the conservative Republican Study Committee claim?



Paul Ryan refused to become speaker unless he was endorsed by which group?

Freedom Caucus.


What would a Libertarian Republican be likely to believe in?

Individual liberty, reduce the role of the federal government, social liberalism.


What is a congressional caucus?

A group of congressmen and women that meets to pursue common objectives.


What is a Blue Dog and how many are there?

Moderate, conservative Dems; around 15.


Which group describes itself as the "pro-growth, fiscally responsible wing of the Democratic party"?

The New Democrat Coalition


The Congressional Progressive Caucus has four core principles. Name two.

Economic justice and security for all; protect and preserve civil rights and liberties; promote global peace and security; advance environmental protection and energy security.


Name two prominent liberal Democrats.

Obama and Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader)