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The nurse is often the first point of contact for people
experiencing family violence, t or f



Recurrent ED visits for injuries are attributed to being “accident prone”, t or f



assessing violence

physical hx - x-rays -neuro exam (internal injury or broken bones)
mental status
support systems/suicidal thoughts/coping
document verbal statements/physical findings
ask to take photos (take in thirds)
ask if children are being hurt


IPV is suspected when

injuries don't match explanation


nursing dx for IPV

risk for injury
risk for self/other directed violence
disturbed sleep/family coping
Prone to substance abuse


interventions for violence

safe environment/space
active listening - don't interrupt
escape plan
discuss meeting needs of the children
pressing charges - providing relevant info.


IPV safety plan should include

quickest route out of home
calling card
1 month supply of meds
# for nearest shelter
hidden packed bag


RED FLAGS of Elder Abuse

fear of being alone with caregiver
begging for food
bed sores
med/dental care needs
concern over valuables/money


interventions for elder abuse

provide trt for injuries
involve APS if abuse is suspected
Meals On Wheels - Daycare


Why involve APS services

they can arrange housing, medical services, personal needs


A married individual has recently been absent from work for 3 - day periods on several occasions. Each time, the
individual returns to work wearing dark glasses. Facial and body bruises are apparent. What is the occupational health nurse’s priority question?

C.“How did this happen to you?”


A victim of physical abuse by a domestic partner is treated for a broken wrist. The patient has considered leaving but says, “You stay together, no matter what happens.” Which outcome should be met before the patient leaves the emergency department? The patient will: two community resources that can be


A nurse assists a victim of spousal abuse to create a plan
for escape if it becomes necessary. The plan should
include which components? Select all that apply.

A.Keep a cell phone fully charged.
C.Have the telephone number for the nearest
E.Secure a supply of current medications for
self and children.
F.Determine a code word to signal children that
it is time to leave.
G.Assemble birth certificates, Social Security
cards, and licenses