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What are some questions to ask the hostess or host upon arrival?

  • How many guests are you expecting?
  • When will they arrive?
  • Where is the bathroom? (to direct guests)
  • Where are the food and wine refills?
  • If you are serving red wine, should I open some bottles to let them breathe?
  • Where can I throw out garbage/recycling?
  • Is there a dishwasher? Do you prefer that I wash everything by hand?


What are some general guidelines to passing hors d'oeuvres?

  • Never touch food with your bare hands
  • Always carry napkins with you
  • Never pass a tray that has one hors d'oeuvre left
  • Always try to know what is in the food you are passing

Elaborate on the following serving style:

French Service

  1. Most formal of the serving styles
  2. Move around the table with each course on a platter and serve it directly onto a guest's plate
  3. Hold the plate with one hand, serve with the other
  4. Before dinner, be sure to know the sequence of all dishes

Elaborate on the following serving style:

Plate Service

  1. "Plate" individual servings in the kitchen, out of view of the guests
  2. Wipe off spills on the edge of bowl or plate
  3. Carry completed plates out of the kitchen onto each place setting

Elaborate on the following serving style:

Family Service

  1. very informal
  2. dishes passed around the table by diners
  3. you will only be responsible for transferring serving dishes from the kitchen to the table

Elaborate on the following serving style:

Buffet Service

  1. Begin at one end with a stack of dishes
  2. Set out cold foods
  3. Set out hot foods
  4. Set cutlery at end of table
  5. Drinks, napkins, and condiments can also be placed at the end

*Keep food replenished!


Name some rules of kosher foods and kitchens.

  • Pork, ham, bacon, etc. are not kosher
  • Meat and dairy are not eaten together
  • Shellfish is never kosher
  • Strictly kosher food will have a symbol denoting that on the package

At a cocktail party and dinner buffet...

What can you do before the guests arrive?

  • Set out utencils and napkins
  • Plate and set out appetizers
  • Set up bar


At a cocktail party and dinner buffet...

What can you do after the guests arrive?

Serve drinks
Warm or prepare food
Clear appetizers (optional)
Remove service plates (optional)
Fill water glasses (right before guests sit down)

At a cocktail party and dinner buffet...

What can you do while people are serving themselves at the buffet?

  • Serve drinks
  • Replenish bar
  • Prepare coffee and hot water for tea
  • Prepare dessert
  • Replenish buffet

At a sit-down dinner with formal service...

How should you serve dinner?

  • Serve first course
  • Serve drinks
  • Plate next course
  • Clear dishes
  • Wash dishes

At a cocktail party and dinner buffet...

What are your responsibilities during dessert and coffee?

  • Serve drinks
  • Serve coffee and tea
  • Replenish bar
  • Clear buffet
  • Remove all dishes except dessert cutlery and glasses
  • Wash dinner dishes
  • Put away leftovers

At a cocktail party and dinner buffet...

What are your responsibilities during after dinner drinks?

Set up small after-dinner snacks
Offer water
Clear dinner table
Wash all dishes

Cleaning Up...

When should you take out trash?

Throughout the night to get it
out of the way

Cleaning Up...

What are some examples of non-dishwasher safe items?

  • China
  • Crystal
  • Fine glass

Cleaning Up...

How should glassware be air-dried to prevent water spots?

With the rim down

Cleaning Up...

Can glasses be stacked?

No, glasses may not be stacked or they will stick together

Cleaning Up...

Can you put away wet dishes and glasses?

No, everything must be completely dry

Cleaning Up...

Is a bartender responsible for bathrooms, floors, or windows?

No, never