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What are the passage ways of the pelvis?

obturator canal - medial thigh
greater sciatic foramen - deep gluteal region/ischioanal fossa
lesser sciatic foramen - gluteal region to pudendal


Who has the a wider pubic arch?



What are differences in male an female pelvis?

the pelvis tends to be craniocaudally short and broad, with a more circular inlet, a wider sacrum, a less prominent sacral promontory, more widely separate ischial spines, a more posteriorly-oriented coccyx, wider greater sciatic notches, and a wide pubic arch.
in females


What is the path of the pudendal nerve?

out of infra perform foramen travels through alcox canal into the lesser sciatic foramen


what is the inferior rectal a branch of?

the pudendal nerve
it prices through the alcox canal


Where are the ventral rami located in the pelvis?

they lay across the piriformis