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Poor appetite, abdominal distention, loose stools**, early Morning diarrhea, weakness, phlegm in throat, aversion to cold, cold limbs and back, clear urination, low back pain **
T: Pale, Swollen
P: Deep**, Weak **, Slow

Kidney and Spleen Yang Xu (610)


Edema**(more legs than ankles) cold feelings, fullness, distention in abdomen, sore lower back, scanty clear urine, palpitations**, breathlessness**, cold hands**
T: Pale w/ white coating
P: Deep, Weak, Slow

Kidney Yang Xu w/ water overflowing to Heart


Fever, dark scanty urine, fulness(chest, hypochondriac) jaundice, poor appetite, vaginal discharge & itching
T:Red w/ sticky yellow coat
P:Slippery, wiry, fast

Damp Heat Liver Gall Bladder


Palpitations **, thirst, ulcers in mouth**, mental restless/agitation, insomnia, red face, dark urine, bitter taste
T: red w/ redder tip w/red dots**
P: hasty

HT Fire Blazing


Discomfort (epi area)**, poor appetite, lack of taste, loose stools, tiredness (mornings)**, weak limbs
P: Empty Eps.R/ middle**)

Stomach Qi Xu


Poor appetite, abd. distention(after) weak, cold limbs
bright, white complexion, chilliness, loose stools, edema
T: pale, swollen, wet
P: deep, weak, slow

Spleen Yang Xu


palpitations**, insomnia, mental agitation, poor memory, dizziness, night sweats**,tinnitus**,deafness, afternoon heat sensations, nocturnal emissions w/ dreams, sore back, scanty dark urine
T: red, peeled, cracked, red tip**
P: floating, empty, fast

Kidney Heart not Harmonized


Edema **( more legs & ankles)Cold feelings, fullness, distention abdomen, sore lower back, scanty, clear urination
T: Pale, Swollen w/ white coat
P:Deep, Slow, Weak

Kidney yang Xu w/ Water overflowing (601)


SOB, cough w/ thin clear sputum, weak voice, daytime sweat, keeps quiet, bright-white face, catches cold easily, tiredness

Lung Qi Xu


dry cough w/little sputum, low grade fever, hot sensations(evening) night sweats, red cheeks, dryness
T:Red, peeled, w/cracks
P:Floating-empty, fast

Lung Yin Xu w/ Empty Heat


Dizziness, numbness, insomnia, floaters, blurry vision
scanty menses, muscular weakness, brittle nail,
dry(hair&skin) dull pale complexion
T: Pale, Dry
P:Fine, Choppy

Liver Blood Xu


Cough, fever, aversion to cold, sore throat, plugged up nose w/ yellow discharge, body aches, slight sweating, thirst
T:Slightly red(front)
P:Floating, fast

Wind-Heat Invading Lungs


Palpitations, Insomnia, Dream Disturbed Sleep, Poor Memory, mental restlessness, malar flush, hot(evenings), night sweats, dry mouth,
T: red, peeled
P: floating, empty

HT Yin Xu


Constipation**, burning anus, High fever**, vomiting, thirst, delirium, abd. pain & distention **, worse w/ massage
T: red w/ thick, dry , yellow coat
P: deep, full , big

Heat Obstructing Large Intestine


discomfort/ dull pain**(epi area), worse after BM, better after eat or massage**, poor appetite, likes warm food/drinks, vomiting clear fluids, cold limbs**, fatigue**
T: Pale, Swollen
P: Deep, Weak ( esp R/Middle)

Stomach Deficient and Cold


sharp, stabbing pains ** epi area, worse w/ heat, pressure after eating, vomiting dark blood **. blood in stools
T: Purple w/ purple spots
P: Wiry or Choppy

Blood Stagnation Stomach


Dry cough, dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, thirst, hoarse voice
P:Empty (right-front)

Lung Dryness


Fullness and Distention(Just above Bladder)w/pain referring to genital area. Pain Improves w/ applied heat.
T: Pale, wet w/ white moss
P:Deep, Slow, Wiry

Stagnation of Cold in Liver Channel


Poor appetite, loose stools, weak voice, SOB
bright white complexion, sweat easily after exertion
T:Pale ;
P: Empty

Spleen Lung Qi Xu


Numbness(arms, legs) Shaking of head, tremors
T:Pale, deviation

Liver Blood Xu Causing Wind


Chronic diarrhea **, hemorrhoids, prolapsed anus**, cold limbs, poor appetite, desires warm drinks
P: thin, weak, deep

Large Intestine Collapse


Dry stools, difficult to pass, dry mouth and throat
T: thin, dry w/o coat
P: thin

Dry Large Intestine


Palpitations**, SOB on exertion , Fatigue, listlessness, discomfort in the chest, PX feels cold, Cold hands**, bright pale face,
T:Pale, Wet, Swollen
P:Deep, Weak**

HT Yang Xu


urine, urgent, frequent, difficult**(stops mid) burning **, dark color, blood and sand, feverish sensations, thirst
T: red, thick, greasy, yellow coat
P: slippery, fast

Bladder Damp Heat


Headache (Lateral Side) dizziness, ringing in ears, dry mouth and throat, insomnia, shouting voice, feeling wound up.
T:Red w/ redder sides

Liver Yang Rising


sudden pain (epi area)** feels cold **desires warm, vomiting clear fluids **, Pain worse after cold food/drink
T: thick ,white coat
P: deep, slow, tight

Cold Invading Stomach


No appetite, full distended epi area**, improves with vomiting, nausea, foul breath, acid reflux, belching, insomnia,
T: thick coat(white or yellow)
P: full, slippery

Food Retention Stomach


Epistaxis(Nose Bleeds) Painful, Irregular periods, Dark, Clotted menses, Sensation of Mass(abdomen) Purplish Tinge(Lips) and Complexion

Liver Blood Stagnation


abdominal pain **, diarrhea w/ mucous & blood **, foul stools, burning anus, fever (not helped by sweating) thirsty for cold drinks
T: res w/ greasy yellow coat
P: slippery , fast

Large Intestine Damp- Heat


Burning pain/sense(epi area)**, thirst(cold drinks)**, constant hunger, gums (swollen, bleed, pain) acid reflux and constipation, nausea, bad breath
T: red w/dry thick yellow coat **
P: full, deep,fast

Stomach Fire


Outburst of anger, irritability, tinnitus, headache(side of the head) dizziness, thirst, red face, blood shot eyes, bitter taste, dark urine, constipation
T:Red w/ yellow dry coat

Liver Fire Blazing Upwards


loose stools, cold limbs
P: thin

Cold Large Intestine


Dizziness, easily fatigued, sallow complexion, poor appetite, blurred vision, pale nails, numbness(Limbs) Scanty menses
T:Pale w/ paler sides

Spleen Liver Blood Xu


constipation w/ dry stools **, dry tongue, burning anus **, scanty , dark urine
T: thick, yellow, dry coat **
P: full, fast

Large Intestine Heat


Distention, pain epigastrium and hypochondriac areas, sour regurgitation, belching, nausea, irritability
T:Red sides or pale
P: Weak on (R) Wiry on (L)

Liver Invades Stomach


abd. distention, lower abd.pain, twisting**,worse w/pressure, improves w/ flatulence
T: white coating
P: deep, wiry

Small Intestine Qi Pain


Distention(Chest,Hypo areas) Sighing, unhappiness, feeling a lump(throat),moodiness
T:Normal color or Red sides

Liver Qi Stagnation


Mental confusion**, stupor, in and out consciousness, rattling sound (throat)**
T: Swollen**, thick greasy coat **
P: Slippery

Phlegm Misting the Mind


SOB** weak breathing, difficulty inhaling, asthma, cough, clear urination**, (during asthma attack) sore back**
P: Weak or tight or deep

Kidneys Failing to Grasp Qi


Incontinence , frequent **, copius, clear urine, enuresis,(uncontrolled urine) low back pain,
T:Pale, Wet
P:Deep, Weak **

Bladder Deficient and Cold


Weak knees ** and legs, poor memory, loose teeth, falling hair**, premature greying, weak sex drive **, sore back
T: red, peeled
P: floating, empty, leather

Kidney Essence Xu


Palpitations**, SOB on exertion, sweating, pale complexion, fatigue, listlessness**
T: pale
P: empty **

HT Qi Xu


Cough, fever stuffed nose, sneezing, avoids cold rooms, body aches, clear, watery nasal drip, stiff back of neck
T:Thin, white coat

Wind-Cold Invading Lungs


Palpitations, Dizzy, Insomnia, Dream Disturbed Sleep, Anxiety, Poor Memory, Startles Easily,Dull Pale Face and Lips
T: Pale, Thin, Dry
P: Choppy

HT Blood Xu


Poor appetite, abd. distention(after)lassitude
sallow complexion, no stamina, weak limbs, loose stools
T: Pale
P: empty

Spleen Qi Xu


Rigid neck, high temperature, shaking of limbs, severe spasm of the back, arching w/head bending back
T:Deep red, stiff thick yellow coat
P:Wiry, fast, full

Extreme heat Generating Wind


Chronic cough, profuse & easy white sputum, pasty facial color, oppression in chest, SOB, dislike lying supine
T:White, thick, greasy coat

Damp-Phlegm Obstructing Lungs


abd. pain, strong & violent, dislikes pressure, distention, constipation, flatulence, borborygmus
T: thick, white coat
P: deep, wiry

Small Intestine Qi Tied


Sudden edema of eyelids and face, gradually rest of body, scanty & clear urination aversion to wind
T:White, xtra wet coat
P:Floating, slippery

Invasion Lungs by Wind- Water


Facial tick, tremors, dizziness, headache, hypertension, dry throat and eyes, blurred vision, numbness in limbs
P:Wiry, fine

Liver Blood Xu Causing Wind


Palpitations, Pain in the heart area, Chest constriction**, bluish lips & nails**,cold hands

HT Blood Stagnation


acid reflux, burning pain/sense (epi area**), oppression (epi area) thirst ( desire cold)** constant hunger, gum ( swollen, pain, bleeding) mucus in stools**, nausea, bad breath, insomnia, mental problems
T: red w/ greasy, thick, yellow
P: slippery, fast ,full

Stomach Phlegm Fire


frequent & urgent urine stops midstream
pale, turbid urine**, hypedrgastruim-heavy**
T: white, greasy, slippery
P: slow

Bladder Damp Cold


no appetite, hot sense(afternoons)dry stools, epigastric pain(dull)**, desire to drink (small sips) full feel after eating
T: w/o Root **
P: Floating, empty

Stomach Yin Xu


Palpitations, SOB, Shallow Breathing,Profuse Sweating, Cold arms & legs**,Blue Lips **
T:Blueish Purple
P: Hidden Minute**

HT Yang Collapse


No appetite, heavy feeling body, thirsty w/small sips
low grade heat (sense) loose and foul stools
burning anus, scanty dark urine
T: yellow coat
P: slippery, fast

Damp Heat invading Spleen


Dizziness, Tinnitus, poor memory, dry moth @ night, thirst, night sweats**, 5 palm heat**, sore back, constipation, dark scanty urine
T: red w/o coat, cracked
P: floating, empty, fast

Kidney Yin Xu w/ empty heat


abdominal pain**, thirst, tongue ulcers** dark, scant, painful urine **, Blood in urine, mental restlessness
T: red w/redder tip & yellow coat
P: fast,overflowing

Small Intestine Heat


Dry cough **(worse at night) SOB( on exertion) dry mouth, 5 palm heat, night sweats **, sore low back, weak legs
T: red, peeled, transverse cracks
P: empty, floating

Lung and Kidney Yin Xu


No appetite, oppressed chest, heavy head and limbs
loose stools, lassitude, sweet taste in mouth
white vaginal discharge, Epi. area(oppressed&cold, better with warmth)
T: thick, greasy, white coat
P: slippery, slow

Damp Cold invading Spleen


Edema**(more legs than ankles) cold feelings, fullness & distention abdomen, sore lower back, scanty, clear urine, thin, watery, frothy sputum, cough**, asthma**, SOB(on exertion)**
T:Pale, Swollen w/ white coat
P: Deep, weak, slow

Kidney Yang Xu w/ water overflowing to Lung


Cough, asthma, Breathlessness, Stuffy(Chest, hypochondrium) Yellow Sputum, headache, dizziness, red face, thirst, bitter taste, dark urine, constipation
T:Red w/ Swelling(front), Yellow coat
P:Wiry, Slippery

Liver Fire Insulting Lungs


sore and weak back**, clear, frequent urination, weak urinary stream, dribbling after urination**, incontinence, urination at night, nocturnal emissions w/o dreams, premature ejaculation
T: Pale
P: Deep, weak ( rear position)

Kidney Qi not Firm


poor appetite, abd. distention (worse after)
lassititude, sallow complexion, no stamina,
petechia(skin-purple spots), excess bleeding(menses)
T: Pale ;
P: Fine

Spleen Not Controlling Blood


Cough w/ frothy sputum, runs out of breath, splashing sounds(chest)
T:Pale, thick, greasy, white moss
P:Fine, slippery

Phlegm Fluids Obstructing Lungs


sudden abd. pain **, diarrhea w/ pain **, cold feelings**, cold sense in abd.
T: thick, white coat
P: deep , wiry

Cold Invading Large Intestine


No appetite, nausea, loose stools, Epi.(stuffy&full)
hypochondriac pain, bitter taste in the mouth, jaundice
heavy head&body, thirst w/ small sips
T: thick, greasy, yellow coat
P: slippery, wiry

Damp Obstructing Spleen w/Stagnant Liver Qi


sallow complexion, vertex headache, insomnia, dream disturbed, malar flush, night sweats**, blurred vision, tinnitus, easy anger, 5 palm heat, dizziness, dry (eyes and throat)** dry stools, scanty menses**,
T: red, peeled**, cracked
P: floating, empty or Choppy

Kidney Liver Yin Xu


Abdominal pain **(dull) desire hot drinks, desire abd. pressure or massage, diarrhea** clear, profuse urine
T:Pale or White coat
P: Deep, slow, weak

Small Intestine Deficient & Cold


Dizziness, nervousness, timidity**, lack of initiative**, startles easily, sighing

Gall Bladder Xu


hypo pain & distention**, vomiting, nausea, yellowish complexion, difficult digest (fatty foods), dark, scanty urine, feverish sensation, bitter taste **, thirst w/no desire to drink
T: Thick**, greasy**, yellow coat**
P:Slippery, wiry

Gall Bladder Damp Heat


mental restlessness**, palpitations, bitter taste, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep**, mental confusion/depression**, incoherent speech, inappropriate laugh
T: Red, sticky**, yellow coat
P: Full, Fast, Slippery

Phlegm, fire, Harassing Heart


Irritability, abdominal distention, constipation/diarrhea, some dry stools, some loose stools, tiredness
T:Red sides
P:Weak(R), Wiry (L)

Liver Invading the Spleen


Malar flush**, Mental restlessness, insomnia, heat in the afternoon**, dry stools, night sweats, sore low back, low grade fever sensations, scanty dark urine, dry throat(Esp. at night)nocturnal emissions w/ dreams, excessive sexual desire
T: red** peeled**, cracked, Red tip
P: Floating, empty, fast

Kidney Yin Xu w/ Empty Fire Blazing


Back Pain**, Weak knees, cold sensations**(back and Knees) aversion to cold, weak legs, impotence, premature Ejaculation, lassitude, profuse&clear urine** Loose stools
T: Pale**, Swollen, Wet
P: Deep**, Weak

Kidney Yang Xu


Poor appetite, abd. distention(after) lassitude,
sallow complexion, no stamina, bearing down(abdomen)
prolapsed stomach
T:Pale ;
P: empty or weak

Spleen Qi Sinking


Barking cough, profuse, smelly yellow Phlegm, SOB, chest oppression
T;Red w/ thick , greasy , yellow coat

Phlegm-Heat obstructing Lungs