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Batch totals

The sum of a particular field in a collection of items used as a control total to ensure all data has been entered. Ex: totals by department.


Hash totals

Is a total of several fields of data in a file


Integrated system

A system design that allows multiple applications to use the common transactional and master data. Ex : Flex and Flextime


Batch processing

Temporarily storing the processed data throughout a period of time and the. Updating the database with all transactions at the end of the period


Real-time processing

Data is continually updated as transactions are processed


Payroll computer functionality

Pay processing
Payroll reporting
Check printing
Direct deposit/pay cards
Retirement plan reporting
Garnishment processing


System data edits

A type of alert system whereby anomalies create messages to the system administrator to check for possible malfunctions


Firewall refers to

A piece of computer hardware or software that creates a virtual wall that protects the computer resources from unauthorized access


Components of a disaster recovery plan

System recovery speed
Acceptable data loss
Clear lines of duties
Setting priorities


Shared services

Consolidation of services which are common to or shared by multiple entities or multiple organizations (payroll, accounting, hr software bundled)